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We are walking to raise awareness of the challenges with a child with Autism. Zachary was diagnosed a few years ago with speech delay, Autism, and ADHD. He struggles with communication, control of his body and emotions at times, and other struggles he faces in his daily life. He loves to play outside, watching movies, like Home Alone, and building with Legos. His Autism is not the Autism that people generally think of when they hear a child is autistic. That is why we are walking for awareness to educate people about the difficulties in raising a child with Autism. Please come out and join an AU-Somesaurus fun day with us during the walk. You can sign up to walk in the PieceWalk or run in the 5K down below. We are a military family so we know that some of our family and friends can't do either the walk or the run, but please consider a donation for this wonderful cause. Thanks for your support. 100% of the donations improve the lives of Oklahomans affected by Autism. #Zach'sAU-SomesaurusTeam

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