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NEW Reward Badges Recognize All You Do!

It takes effort and commitment to build a PieceWalk team. We think you and your team deserve a reward! That’s why our new website makes it possible for your team to earn 4 new reward badges.

When you create your team, aim high!

Recruiting team members. Your team will receive a reward badge when your friends sign up on your team! We have badges for teams that have 10, 25 or 50 or more members!

10 Members Badge25 Members Badge50 Members Badge

Raising money.

Your team will receive it’s first reward when you raise $200. You can also earn a badge for raising $500 or raise the roof and go for $1000 or $2500 or more.

$200 Raised Badge$500 Raised Badge$1000 Raised Badge$2500 Raised Badge

Community Events.

Community events build awareness and raise monies for your team. You can find ideas on our website. Restaurant nights, jean days at work, garage sales and lemonade stands are great examples. Your team can receive a reward badge when hosting 1, 2, or even 3 or more community events. Just let us know about your event and we will help publicize it for you!

1 Community Fundraiser Badge2 Community Fundraiser Badge3 Community Fundraiser Badge

Elite Team Badge.

The Elite Team Badge is reserved for teams that have at least 25 members, raise $1000 or more and host 1 community event! All Elite Teams will be announced and recognized at the PieceWalk and at our kickoff event.

Elite Team Badge