Team Captains

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Being a Team Captain is the best! Really!

It is the perfect way to support your family, friends, your community and AutismOklahoma.

As a Team Captain, you are a PieceWalk leader and help set the stage for all the excitement. We have lots of Team Captain perks, special contests and newsletters, Team T-Shirt design and printing help, a Team Captains-Only kickoff party, support materials, and more. We are here for you along the way so if you need ideas or help with anything, just reach out to or

Here are the Top 12 Reasons Why

  1. You get to show someone you love with autism that your PieceWalk experience is a big deal.
  2. It gives all your friends and family have a way to show their love to your family.
  3. You can earn special badges on your team page.
  4. You get special Team Captain newsletter to keep your team spirit at a spellbinding level.
  5. You are eligible for fantastic prizes through our Team Contests.
  6. You can work your way to Elite Status and the special Elite t-shirt.
  7. You get a copy of the Elite Chasers Bag of Tricks – a handbook with all the secrets to a successful team.
  8. You get an invitation to the Team Captains-Only Muggle Madness Kickoff event in January.
  9. You have email and social media tools at your fingertips from your team page.
  10. You can engage your hometown community through Team Events.
  11. We will promote your Team Events on the website and on our Facebook page.
  12. You can show off your team’s PieceWalk theme with a special team t-shirt and enter the t-shirt contest.