#1 – Volunteer

You can volunteer to help out on the day of the PieceWalk, or make a longer-lasting impact by being on the PieceWalk Steering Committee. Either way, your experience will be very rewarding! The PieceWalk is our annual signature event and it funds programs for thousands of families affected by autism throughout our state. We have jobs of all sizes, so whether you have a few hours or a whole lot to give, you will have a great time! Come be part of our PieceWalk family!

#2 Attend or Plan a Fun Team Event

Did you know that the PieceWalk includes outreach and awareness events?  There are lots of fun events planned, including pancake breakfasts, restaurant nights, bake sales, chili-cook off, concerts, car washes, garage sales and many more leading up to the PieceWalk. If you want to plan a fundraising event, contact Contact Crystal Frost at Crystal@AutismOklahoma.org for all the details.

You can find out everything about PieceWalk events on our event page or at AutismOklahoma.org/events. You can also stay updated on Facebook or by signing up for our e-newsletter. Keep checking out the sites so you can stay in the loop and be a part of the fun!

# 3 – Form a Team, Brainstorm a Great Team Name, and Have Fun

Whether you are in OKC, Tulsa or somewhere else, register to form a team and ask your friends to be a part of it. Your team can use their own creativity to decide on your team name, t-shirt design, and team events. If you need an idea for fundraising, we have lots of ideas that we can share. Just check out our fundraising page and have fun.

A team is made up of two or more people–how easy is that? You might want to see how many team members you can recruit and see how much money you can raise! Maybe you want to just have fun and help others learn about someone you love with autism. Any way you want to participate you will enjoy the fun and friendly competition. Be sure to like our AutismOklahoma PieceWalk Facebook page.

# 4 – Become a Sponsor and Make a Lasting Impact

Are you looking for ways to make your community better? If your company is making its marketing and philanthropic plans, we’d love to visit with you. Our sponsorships are modestly priced and provide significant impact, return, and exposure to thousands of Oklahoma families. From entry to presenting, there is a  partnership level for any budget – and each one is vital to fulfilling our mission. Contact Crystal Frost at Crystal@AutismOklahoma.org or Stacey Weddington at Stacey.Weddington@AutismOklahoma.org  to explore the perfect partnership.