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Yosemite’s Team | Piecewalk

Oklahoma City

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Hello All, we are starting this team to bring Autism awareness. Yosemite was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. We are walking our first year with hopes to bring more awareness and understanding. So please come join us and be a part of Yosemite’s Team!

Badges Earned

Members 25
Raised 200

Money Raised

$ 225

Team Fundraising Goal: $100
Total Raised: $225

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 31


Erica Sanchez piecewalk
Brian Martinez donor
Deyssy De Los Sany donor
Jose Gonzalez piecewalk
Mallisa McGilberry piecewalk
Armani McGilberry piecewalk
Deyssy De Los Santos piecewalk
Donna Barcenas piecewalk
Sydney Sanchez donor
Blanca Sanchez piecewalk
Maria Cisneros piecewalk
Iridian Avila donor
Mariah Gomez piecewalk
Blanca Sanchez piecewalk
Ceci Montoya donor
Damaris Herrada donor
Kimberly Rodriguez piecewalk
Maria Rey piecewalk
Rigoberto Rey piecewalk
Hazel Gonzalez piecewalk
Christian Mercado piecewalk
Jaileen Orona piecewalk
Marlene Ruiz piecewalk
Josette Quintana piecewalk
Jay Garcia donor
Gustavo Flores piecewalk
Yami Carrasco piecewalk
Fabian Munoz piecewalk
Sean Sunde donor
Ashally Perez donor
Anjelita Morales piecewalk


Jay Garcia $50
Sean Sunde $40
Brian Martinez $25
Sydney Sanchez $20
Iridian Avila $20
Ceci Montoya $20
Damaris Herrada $20
Ashally Perez $20
Deyssy De Los Sany $10
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