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Walking in Noah’s Shoes | Piecewalk

Oklahoma City

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Noah was diagnosed with level 2 autism at the age of 4. As he approaches his 7th birthday in December and completes his first year of elementary school in May, Noah's family and friends are thrilled to participate in the autism walk alongside him. This marks the first year that they will be "Walking in Noah's Shoes" as piece walkers.

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Porshe’ Carter piecewalk
Glenda Carter piecewalk
Gregg Carter piecewalk
Tyree Carter Sr. piecewalk
Joshua Carter piecewalk
Tarrance Carter piecewalk
Casey Lofton piecewalk
Timothy Smalls piecewalk
Sebreon Carter piecewalk
Caleah Carter piecewalk
Charlee Carter piecewalk
Tyree Carter Jr. piecewalk
Alora Carter piecewalk
Tomika Duncan piecewalk
Nikko Golston piecewalk
Elijah Carter piecewalk
Zyaira Carter piecewalk
Journee Carter piecewalk
Jenesis Carter piecewalk
Luxory Carter piecewalk
Denise Golston piecewalk
Correon James piecewalk
Chris Milton piecewalk
Corinthia Colbert piecewalk
Kris Johnson piecewalk
Lizette Anderson piecewalk
Lavisha Miser piecewalk
Alexus Bowie piecewalk
Juanita Gilliam piecewalk
Marcus Dockins piecewalk
Alex Adekunle piecewalk
Tiffany Richardson piecewalk
Stephanie Raulston piecewalk


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