The View Crew Oklahoma City

Team Message

Thank you to the many friends who have donated to our team to make a difference in the world of autism.

run/walk Donate

Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 500
Total Raised: 835

$835 of $500

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 25

25 of 10


Tracy James 5k
Kim Binder 5k
Margaret Davis piecewalk
Mistie Turner 5k
Kelsey James piecewalk
Shawn Hearne piecewalk
Cooper Hearne piecewalk
Samantha Turner 5k
Kelsey James 5k
Andrea Shoffit Donor
Jan Guthrie Donor
Kyla Johnson Donor
Kim Harper Donor
Vicki Bailey Donor
Andrea Wildman Donor
Kimberly Binder Donor
Jennifer English Donor
Bethany Mulanax Donor
Mary DeSelms Donor
Bobbie Matthews Donor
Amy Barreras Donor
Mackenzie Sheffield Donor
Jennifer Hooten Donor
Miranda Sweaney Donor
Brittany Osborne Donor


Andrea Shoffit $20
Jan Guthrie $20
Kyla Johnson $20
Kim Harper $20
Vicki Bailey $20
Andrea Wildman $20
Kimberly Binder $20
Jennifer English $20
Bethany Mulanax $20
Mary DeSelms $20
Bobbie Matthews $20
Amy Barreras $20
Tracy James $200
Mackenzie Sheffield $20
Jennifer Hooten $20
Miranda Sweaney $20
Brittany Osborne $20
Tracy James $140