Team Hayden Tulsa

Team Message

Words can not express how blessed we are to have this beautiful boy in our lives. He has come a long way since he was first diagnosed with Autism. We are asking for everyones love and support through this journey. Please join TEAM HAYDEN and help raise money for awareness and services for those battling Autism here in Oklahoma!

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 3000
Total Raised: 4000

$4000 of $3000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 50
Team Members: 77

77 of 50


Chelsey Osburn piecewalk
rex osburn piecewalk
ANGEL PARKS piecewalk
Becky Kendall piecewalk
D’Lynn Tucker piecewalk
Stacy Burton piecewalk
Jessica Poe piecewalk
Amanda Fisher piecewalk
Daniel Stephenson piecewalk
Jairus Daniels piecewalk
Lora Jackson piecewalk
Jyme Harvey piecewalk
Chris Newton piecewalk
Jan Weaver piecewalk
Kari Tanner piecewalk
Joe Smith piecewalk
Steven Beavers piecewalk
Cailin Smith piecewalk
Joshua Hall piecewalk
Gretchen Newman piecewalk
Cory Johnson piecewalk
Alison Johnson piecewalk
Cashyn Britt piecewalk
Sarah Madrid piecewalk
Emily Jennings piecewalk
Catherine Westphal piecewalk
Lyric Grimes piecewalk
Rex Osburn Sr piecewalk
Tina Osburn piecewalk
Michael Harvey piecewalk
Zachary Harvey piecewalk
Ronnie Alwine piecewalk
Linda Johnson piecewalk
Jerry Ware piecewalk
Lavonda Sexton piecewalk
Dorothy Summerfield piecewalk
Rusty Johnson piecewalk
Brian Clapp piecewalk
Felicia Bumgamer piecewalk
Kari Tanner piecewalk
Kira Tanner piecewalk
Aumi Tanner piecewalk
Brandi Moss piecewalk
Trevor Moss piecewalk
Brylee Moss piecewalk
Izabella Moss piecewalk
Kristyn Mixson piecewalk
Faith Henry piecewalk
Karen Boston piecewalk
Danny Straw piecewalk
Chris Highsmith piecewalk
Becca Miller piecewalk
George Albritton piecewalk
Jim Garstecki piecewalk
Kim Walker piecewalk
David Ward piecewalk
Naomi Miller piecewalk
Brain Clapp piecewalk
Jerry Terry piecewalk
Rachel Miller piecewalk
Ronna Jones piecewalk
Clay Miller piecewalk
Brianna Butler piecewalk
Andrew Rice piecewalk
Tammy\'s Treasured Jewelry piecewalk
Cheryl Carr Donor
Jan Weaver Donor
Curtis Trimble Donor
Rock On Donor
Debbi Smith, DLS Constulting, LLC Donor
Whitney Savastano Donor
FaceBook Fundraiser Donor
FaceBook Fundraiser (Linda Johnson) Donor
James and Carolyn Livingston Donor
Christine Newton Donor
FaceBook Fundraiser / Linda Donor
FaceBook Fundraiser Donor


Cheryl Carr $50
Jan Weaver $100
Curtis Trimble $50
Rock On $50
Debbi Smith, DLS Constulting, LLC $25
Whitney Savastano $40
FaceBook Fundraiser $200
FaceBook Fundraiser (Linda Johnson) $85
Chelsey Osburn $500
James and Carolyn Livingston $80
Christine Newton $200
FaceBook Fundraiser / Linda $415
FaceBook Fundraiser $105
Chelsey Osburn $2,100