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We were privileged to go to the Piece Walk last year after Corley had recently been diagnosed with Autism. I had been talking to her about all of the wonderful things that make her so awesome and how her Autism plays a big role in some of those things. She had identified for a very long time that she sees and interacts with the world a little differently than many others, often declaring “normal is boring, I like being different,” and we have always celebrated that. When we went to the Piece Walk she very quickly decided that this was a big celebration for her and her unique characteristics! She loved it! She saw other groups of family and friends wearing shirts as a part of a team championing a person with Autism, and she immediately wanted to have her tribe of family and friends surround her and walk with her. We want to walk in celebration of Corley, but we also walk to raise awareness and support for any other friends who also are on the Autism spectrum. Corley has a deep love for all things cats, so her shirts will reflect that with the saying that she made up. “Are you KITTEN me? Autism Rocks!”

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