Team Cayleigh

Team Message

Please join Team Cayleigh on May 5, 2018 for the PieceWalk! You can run/walk the 5K, walk the 1K, or even just donate from home. All of the donations go towards funding autism programs right here in Oklahoma so please help us support a great cause and sign up! Thanks! :)

run/walk Donate

Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 1000
Total Raised: 1447

$1447 of $1000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 25
Team Members: 43

43 of 25


April Warde 5k
Kim Nadeau piecewalk
Rebecca Warde 5k
Keri Zeder piecewalk
Ashley Sebree 5k
Dustin Burke piecewalk
Brandi Therrien piecewalk
Brittainy Goss piecewalk
Casey Goss piecewalk
Pamela Huston 5k
Erin Razook piecewalk
Greg Razook piecewalk
Brittany Hamilton piecewalk
Samuel Hamilton piecewalk
Sara Riester 5k
Melissa Warde piecewalk
Allison Williams 5k
David Zeder piecewalk
Noah Zeder piecewalk
Elijah Zeder piecewalk
Alexis Keck 5k
Amy Burke piecewalk
Jeremy Warde 5k
Brandon Nadeau piecewalk
Karlie Nadeau piecewalk
David Warde 5k
Nicholas Burke piecewalk
Zach Rush 5k
Sebastian McFarland piecewalk
Symphony McFarland piecewalk
Carol Keechi piecewalk
Celeste Elwell Donor
Gene Keechi Donor
Mary Jean Osborne Donor
FaceBook Fundraiser Donor
Raising Cane's Give Back Donor
Gene Keechi Donor
John Bellman Donor
Hideaway Pizza Give Back Event Donor
Pamela Huston Donor
April Warde Donor
Chronotrack (5k entry) Donor
Laura Ojeda Donor


Kim Nadeau $50.00
Celeste Elwell $50.00
Rebecca Warde $100.00
Gene Keechi $50.00
Mary Jean Osborne $25.00
FaceBook Fundraiser $270.00
Raising Cane's Give Back $150.00
Gene Keechi $40.00
John Bellman $40.00
Hideaway Pizza Give Back Event $92.00
Keri Zeder $40.00
Pamela Huston $40.00
April Warde $40.00
Melissa Warde $50.00
Chronotrack (5k entry) $80.00
Laura Ojeda $25.00