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Neurodivergent? Mom? Looking to find mom friends that get it? Well you are in the right place. My hope for this group is for you to find "your tribe". People for you to celebrate your successes and sit with you in times of need . Humans are social creatures, and with being Neurodiverse the experience can be incredibly isolating. I am here to tell you that you are not alone. I was there too, and am still there at times. One of the key things that helped me was finding people who I could relate to that didn't make me feel bad for losing my card 926695638 times or if I had to cancel that playdate because my tank was already on E. And didn't feel like getting off of the couch. A lot of us are parents to ND kiddos, I'm sure. Having the fellow mom that gets it, that you are able to share ideas, and brain storm ideas when things are going so well has made all the difference to me. My mom always has told me I could "make friends with a brick wall" and my boys were blessed with that trait as well. We are talkative but friendly bunch. ­čĄúThank you and looking forward to meeting you soon!

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