PieceWalk Ambassador

OKC Piecewalk


Why do you have a PieceWalk Team?

What an honor to be named 2024 PieceWalk Ambassador!!

Meet Ryan, he’s the reason we have a team! He’s 8 years old and a lover of back scratches, his puppy Max, his family, Toy Story and Frozen, and he absolutely loves to laugh! He enjoys watching his iPad and playing outside. Ryan loves to read Magic School Bus books and to walk around the library at school. His favorite food is French fries and he loves trips to Target! His smile is contagious and everyone who meets him immediately falls in love! 

Having a team is an honor and we get the chance to help and give back to AutismOklahoma that gives to us every day. It’s important to continue to help fund programs that change the lives and minds of so many with autism. 

The PieceWalk is such a special day for Ryan, our family, and Team Ryan. It’s a day full of emotions, fun, laughter, and so, so many memories! It’s a day to meet new friends, make connections within the community, and realize how grateful we are for such support. I fight for Ryan every day in so many ways, and on PieceWalk day.. I think… how “PieceFul!”

Why should other families form a Team and get involved?

Creating a team is super fun! Not only is it very easy but it’s pretty exciting! You instantly become part of the AO family which opens up so many doors and resources for your family. It’s an exciting journey that’s fun for everyone! 

AutismOklahoma (AO) and the PieceWalk are so special to our family. They bring together the autism community in a strong committed way. It gives our entire family a safe place to be who we are meant to be. They are full of opportunity and excitement but most importantly provide support for our entire family. They stand strong to their mission and provide so much to so many. The autism community continues to grow at a rapid pace. AO makes our family members feel welcomed and part of things and that is an irreplaceable feeling as a Mama!

What is your favorite part of the PieceWalk?

My favorite part of the day is the whole thing – start to finish! I love reading everyone’s shirts and putting faces to team names! I love when people recognize our Team and come to say hi to us, too! I love sharing stories, struggles, and advice. But most of all, the event gives us hope! Hope for our family to continue to feel safe, welcomed, and successful. 

As an active duty Army wife and an autism mother, it can be hard to find a place where you feel you belong. AutismOklahoma, their staff, and the PieceWalk, make my family and I feel a sense of community and a feeling of welcome and purpose. Having that type of support is something I will forever be grateful for and will always carry with me. 

The top fundraising team in each city wins a WonderFold Wagon. This thoughtfully designed all-terrain stroller wagon will help you make the most of family time. Its roomy design is much-loved by parents with an autistic child and holds up to 200-300 pounds. The WonderFold Wagon will be shipped directly to the winners. https://www.wonderfoldwagon.com/