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Come join us in supporting Autism Oklahoma and those who benefit from their services. Zane was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2023. Since then, we have learned that community and resources are so important in helping us help Zane live his best life. We are glad there are organizations like Autism Oklahoma that provide services, resources, advocacy and community opportunities. This walk helps to provide funding for this organization.

Badges Earned

Members 25
Raised 500

Money Raised

$ 577

Team Fundraising Goal: $100
Total Raised: $577

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 25


Kelsey Barrow piecewalk
Amanda Navas piecewalk
Jesse Barrow piecewalk
Lorraine Griego donor
Linda Barrow piecewalk
Bobby Barrow piecewalk
Ginger Williams donor
Peggy DeMenge-Nix donor
Francisca Griego donor
Jana Haltom donor
Maria Baca donor
Genia Matula donor
Gavin Barrow piecewalk
Yolanda Zambrano donor
Holt & Jenna Hagy donor
Julia Ripley donor
Kathy Chavez donor
Hillary Bradshaw piecewalk
David Bradshaw piecewalk
Laela Bradshaw piecewalk
Ann Lawson donor
Linda/bob Barrow donor
Sandra Stradley piecewalk
Bobby Stradley piecewalk
Kari Carnes donor


Linda/bob Barrow $75
Ginger Williams $50
Jana Haltom $50
Maria Baca $50
Holt & Jenna Hagy $50
Ann Lawson $50
Lorraine Griego $25
Peggy DeMenge-Nix $25
Genia Matula $25
Yolanda Zambrano $25
Kathy Chavez $25
Francisca Griego $20
Julia Ripley $20
Kari Carnes $15
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