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It’s Autism Awareness Day!! This day in years past meant absolutely nothing to me, boy did this change my entire outlook. This is our story, Last year in August my then 2 year old warrior was diagnosed with Level 3 Autism. I never felt so defeated when those words came out of the psychiatrists mouth. Crushed and torn of the unknown. Conflicted immediately God reassured me as he always has, Son!! I’m in control, pray and let me handle it!! I made Lukas perfect in every way, let me show you!! I knew leading up to the appointment that something wasn’t right with my son, the humming, the occasional hand flapping when he got excited watching anything Cars related, the occasional 360 dances that make ya dizzy. If you been drunk you know what I’m talkin about. Fast forward 8 months later, I’ve learned so much about autism (social disorder). I’ve learned that my son never quits, that he fights through his struggles by the hour, loves harder than anything you can imagine and is almost as loyal than a Golden Retriever, he makes us laugh daily with his silliness, and is everything I could have imagined in a child. Behind the scenes, Heather and I have kept quite regarding our son having autism. One of the reasons being was timing to raise awareness and two, ABA therapy is time consuming, it’s daily therapy in home. We are blessed to have amazing therapist and tech’s in our lives that have become family to us. Heather and I will be part of the Autism Peacewalk that will take place Saturday 12 June. Shirts are being made and will be sold at $20 ea. All and I mean ALL funds will be donated to the autism peacewalk to help raise further awareness. Link and sign ups are to follow shortly. Love, 💙🧩Lukas’s #1 Fan🧩💙

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