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Willis team makes up a group of people who support and love him, weather it range from just being a verbal support to a everyday responsibility we all play a part in helping him experience the joy and love of life that every child needs. We love Willie so much because the joy he brings and unique attitude he has on life my life as a dad wouldn’t be the same with out him and all those that help him along our journey in everyday life. This is our second year doing the piece walk we had a great tribe last year it was so nice to see people come out and have willies back hope to see you all again !!!

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$ 203

Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000
Total Raised: $203

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Membership Goal: 30
Team Members: 53


Tyler Campbell piecewalk
Lindsey Andersen piecewalk
Mary Campbell piecewalk
Beckham Campbell piecewalk
Jackson Harrison piecewalk
Desi Sharp Brumit piecewalk
Tyler Ritter piecewalk
Tabatha Oglesby piecewalk
Bryan Oglesby piecewalk
Jordan Ayers piecewalk
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Carla Gustafson piecewalk
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Leah Szabo piecewalk
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Robert Stegeman piecewalk
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Riley Stegeman piecewalk
Robert Stegeman jr piecewalk
Ross Stegeman piecewalk
Reid Stegeman piecewalk
Sofia Gustafson piecewalk
John Gustafson piecewalk
Christine Gerulat piecewalk
Riane Jones piecewalk
Anonymous piecewalk
Rasha Oglesby piecewalk
Erin Gustafson piecewalk
Toni Roop piecewalk
Holly Harrison piecewalk
Brooke Jarboe piecewalk
Karyssa Klutts piecewalk
Mary Campbell piecewalk
Denver Campbell piecewalk
Alaina Nunez piecewalk
Beckham Campbell piecewalk
Tiffany Brandon piecewalk
Ryan Lunsford piecewalk
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tyler ritter donor
Terri Gibbs donor
Glenn Chase piecewalk
Tabatha Oglesby piecewalk
Graham Oglesby piecewalk
Hudson Oglesby piecewalk
Integrated Installations of Oklahoma, LLC donor


Integrated Installations of Oklahoma, LLC $100
Terri Gibbs $50
tyler ritter $33
Anonymous $20
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