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Oklahoma City

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We walk in honor of Gracie Jackson, our dinosaur-loving 8 year old! Please donate and share our page TODAY! <3

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Members 50
Raised 2500
Community Event

Money Raised

$ 6,181

Team Fundraising Goal: $5,000
Total Raised: $6,181

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 69


Ebonie Hill piecewalk
James Jackson piecewalk
Alicia Jackson donor
Chicken N Pickle donor
Juliette Lim piecewalk
Tameko Colbert piecewalk
Nalder Farris piecewalk
Andrew Kis donor
Kayce Davis donor
Kelly Harris piecewalk
Blanche Briggs donor
Eberneisha Brown donor
Jia Anderson donor
Kelsey Bufford donor
Anonymous donor
Jae Young Jeon piecewalk
Irene Townsend donor
Blanket Fundraiser Night donor
Andrei Lorents piecewalk
Janet Dean-Gall piecewalk
Kelly Harris piecewalk
Felicia Bruner donor
Mickey Bunal donor
Alicia Jackson donor
AR Fundraiser 2 donor
Amber Dawn Childers donor
Anonymous donor
Steve Le donor
Chrichelle Fernandez donor
Brew Bash donor
Laura Crabtree donor
Lily Draper piecewalk
May Wickenhauser donor
Patricia Shaw donor
Donna Hale donor
Kimberly Diane Blackman donor
Kelvin Trepanier donor
Fallan Figaro donor
Keegan Radichel donor
Alicia Reynolds donor
Dawnita Dumas donor
Johana Mendez-Desjardins donor
Sarah Lindsay donor
Kayce's Facebook Fundraiser donor
Diana Le donor
Shirt Fundraiser donor
Shelley Cole donor
Stephanie Holbrock donor
Laura Senseman donor
Regina Dietrich donor
BJ's Give Back Event donor
Kirmani Montaocean piecewalk
Jae'za Montaocean piecewalk
Riana Berry piecewalk
Miranda Harris donor
Nevin Jones donor
Facebook Fundraiser donor
Ervintha Soemantri donor
Mary Foye donor
Linda Phillips donor
Jennifer Beeson donor
Crystal Palone donor
Zhesi Chen donor
Jasmine Parks donor
Tevys Crutchfield donor
Clarese Crutchfield piecewalk
Team Donations donor
John Hale donor
Auction & Class donor


Brew Bash $1,150
Andrew Kis $500
John Hale $500
Crystal Palone $380
AR Workshop Edmond $254
BJ's Give Back Event $218
Kayce Davis $200
Team Donations $197
Facebook Fundraiser $175
Mickey Bunal $146
Shirt Fundraiser $145
Chicken N Pickle $135
Facebook Fundraiser $120
Kelsey Bufford $100
Irene Townsend $100
John Hale $100
Amber Dawn Childers $100
Diana Le $100
Facebook Fundraiser $100
Steve Le $80
Crystal Palone $70
Auction & Class $65
Nevin Jones $50
Eberneisha Brown $50
Jia Anderson $50
Anonymous $50
Blanket Fundraiser Night $50
Felicia Bruner $50
Anonymous $50
Shelley Cole $50
Stephanie Holbrock $50
Regina Dietrich $50
Nevin Jones $50
Ervintha Soemantri $50
Jasmine Parks $40
Tevys Crutchfield $40
Zhesi Chen $30
Alicia Jackson $25
Ervintha Soemantri $25
AR Fundraiser 2 $25
Chrichelle Fernandez $25
Kimberly Diane Blackman $25
Dawnita Dumas $25
Kayce's Facebook Fundraiser $25
Laura Senseman $25
Jennifer Beeson $25
Blanche Briggs $20
Alicia Jackson $20
Donna Hale $20
Kelvin Trepanier $20
Fallan Figaro $20
Alicia Reynolds $20
Johana Mendez-Desjardins $20
Facebook Fundraiser $20
Facebook Fundraiser $20
Mary Foye $20
Linda Phillips $20
Patricia Shaw $18
May Wickenhauser $15
Laura Crabtree $10
Keegan Radichel $10
Sarah Lindsay $10
Miranda Harris $10
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