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Walkin’ with Grace | Piecewalk

Oklahoma City

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We Walkin' with Grace into another year of fundraising with AutismOK! We move in honor of the amazing Grace Jackson, who was diagnosed with autism when she was 5. She'll be 10 right in time for this year's walk - so we are asking everyone to donate at least $10 in honor of that! We are hosting a TON of fundraisers this year, so be sure to find us on Facebook for the latest updates and to get involved.

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We walk and move in honor of Grace, who was officially diagnosed with autism when she was 5. We're looking forward to completing her third walk this year, right after her 10th birthday on May 15th, with all of her family and friends. Come join us!

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Members 10
Raised 2500
Community Event

Money Raised

$ 2,708

Team Fundraising Goal: $15,000
Total Raised: $2,708

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Membership Goal: 50
Team Members: 18


James Jackson piecewalk
Alicia Jackson piecewalk
Tameko Colbert piecewalk
Nalder Farris piecewalk
Eberneisha Brown piecewalk
Kelsey Bufford piecewalk
Andrei Lorents piecewalk
Janet Dean-Gall piecewalk
Steve Le piecewalk
Option One Chili Cookoff donor
Boozy Lights Fundraiser donor
Sunday Funday Fundraiser donor
Crystal Palone donor
Jonathan Garcia piecewalk
Kirmani Montaocean piecewalk
Kayce Davis donor
Terri Pohlemann piecewalk
Woodworks Distilling Paint Night donor


Boozy Lights Fundraiser $900
Lee Engineering $500
Option One Chili Cookoff $500
Woodworks Distilling Paint Night $320
Tiffs Treats $253
Sunday Funday Fundraiser $235
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