Walk With Joy!

Team Message

Join us as we Walk with Joy! Joy is a college student majoring in biology. She has a beautiful service dog named Goldie. Join us we cheer her on!

Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 3500
Total Raised: 3800

$3800 of $3500

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 25
Team Members: 34

34 of 25


Melinda Lauffenburger piecewalk
Jonathan Koelsch piecewalk
Rebecca Barsetti piecewalk
Pat Lauffenburger piecewalk
Ricky Moberly piecewalk
Lisa Raley piecewalk
Mark Lauffenburger piecewalk
Joni Lauffenburger piecewalk
Kent Gardner piecewalk
Sarah Lauffenburger piecewalk
Vanessa Grayson piecewalk
John Cooper piecewalk
Janny Cooper piecewalk
Sean Spellman piecewalk
Nate Lauffenburger piecewalk
Courtney Beam piecewalk
Pat Lauffenburger piecewalk
Carol Moberly piecewalk
Tiara Roberts piecewalk
Trey Feemster piecewalk
Jennifer Gardner piecewalk
Angela Lauffenburger piecewalk
Ken Lauffenburger piecewalk
Eli Lauffenburger piecewalk
Joe Lauffenburger piecewalk
John Chay piecewalk
Dean Lauffenburger Donor
Lisa Raley Donor
John Chay Donor
Hale & Company Donor
Kent Gardner Donor
Dean and Melinda Lauffenburger Donor
Mark and Joni Lauffenburger Donor
FaceBook Fundraiser Donor


Melinda Lauffenburger $100.00
Dean Lauffenburger $10.00
Lisa Raley $250.00
John Chay $50.00
Hale & Company $250.00
Kent Gardner $1,000.00
Dean and Melinda Lauffenburger $1,000.00
Mark and Joni Lauffenburger $1,000.00
FaceBook Fundraiser $140.00