WadesWarriors Tulsa

Team Message

#WadesWarriors is thrilled to be back in action representing our very own hero, Wade Logan! We could not be more excited to participate in the INAUGURAL AutismOklahoma PieceWalk Tulsa! AutismOklahoma makes AutismTulsa possible---money raised from this event provides free or low-cost programs that improve awareness, education, and quality of life for families and individuals impacted by autism. Last year thousands across our state (and city!) were impacted through our unique art, animal, and film-making programs, summer camps, parent support groups, and outreach programs! We exist to help individuals with autism reach their full potential, help families thrive, and help communities understand and embrace differences. We truly believe that each person with autism is UNIQUE and IMPORTANT--having something so special to offer the world! Thank you for being on this journey with us--YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 3000
Total Raised: 2621

$2621 of $3000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 40
Team Members: 56

56 of 40


Lindsi Hancock piecewalk
Laura Ballew piecewalk
Katie Shields piecewalk
Jeanine Crawford 5k
Sandy Sanstra piecewalk
Carol Miller piecewalk
Zach Rowell piecewalk
mark avila piecewalk
Julie Nave piecewalk
Eric Friedline piecewalk
Payton Richardson piecewalk
Aracelis Quinones piecewalk
Erin Maxey piecewalk
Catherine Moten piecewalk
Wade Hancock piecewalk
Alan Hancock piecewalk
Cale Hancock piecewalk
Vicki Friedline piecewalk
Matt Ballew piecewalk
Harper Ballew piecewalk
Graham Ballew piecewalk
Murphy Ballew piecewalk
Clay Shields piecewalk
Welby Shields piecewalk
Mike Hancock piecewalk
Troy Sanstra piecewalk
Keith Miller piecewalk
April Rowell piecewalk
Evelyn Rowell piecewalk
Oliver Rowell piecewalk
Derl Wood piecewalk
Kenny Ann Wood piecewalk
jessica avila piecewalk
Aaliyah Avila piecewalk
Ariah Avila piecewalk
Brooke Nave piecewalk
Hudson Edwards piecewalk
Teah Jones piecewalk
Darren BeLaune piecewalk
Leena Quinones piecewalk
Darren DeLaune piecewalk
Leena Quinones piecewalk
Kendley Main piecewalk
FaceBook Fundraiser / Lindsi Donor
John and Kendra Hoop Donor
Derl and Kenny Ann Wood Donor
Susie Simms Donor
Raffle Fundraiser Donor
Melissa Wilkins Donor
Shannon Jaques Donor
Hideaway Pizza Give Back Event Donor
Laura Ballew Donor
Williams match donation Donor
Williams match donation Donor


FaceBook Fundraiser / Lindsi $372
John and Kendra Hoop $12
Sandy Sanstra $100
Carol Miller $150
Derl and Kenny Ann Wood $100
Susie Simms $25
Raffle Fundraiser $450
Vicki Friedline $25
Eric Friedline $100
Melissa Wilkins $25
Shannon Jaques $100
Hideaway Pizza Give Back Event $150
Brianna Case $20
Laura Ballew $63
Williams match donation $100
Williams match donation $794