Tyler’s Troops | Piecewalk

Oklahoma City

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We are forever grateful to Autism Oklahoma!  Please join us this year and walk on June 4th, 2022. 6:30pm

Badges Earned

Elite Badge
Members 25
Raised 2500

Money Raised

$ 2,560

Team Fundraising Goal: 2500
Total Raised: $2560

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 50
Team Members: 44


Karen Frederickson piecewalk
Gray Frederickson piecewalk
Kelsey Frederickson piecewalk
Ann Hopkins piecewalk
Susan Holcomb donor
Hannah Meeker piecewalk
Linda Payne piecewalk
Linda Payne donor
Donna Grace donor
Dana Lewis donor
Tammy Kaitz donor
Robert Ahern piecewalk
Frankie Ahern piecewalk
Abbey Ahern piecewalk
Dylan Ahern piecewalk
Harper Ahern piecewalk
Iva Ahern piecewalk
Anne Dawson donor
Vicki Schaeffer piecewalk
Amelia Haggard piecewalk
Julie Baker donor
Lori Jirousek piecewalk
Landon Whitsitt donor
Jerilyn Whitsitt piecewalk
Julian Whitsitt piecewalk
Rowan Whitsitt piecewalk
John & Patti Simonelli donor
Rachel Howell donor
Kelly Allnatt donor
Lara Gatling donor
Dwborrah Grisham piecewalk
Cathy Burdine donor
Patty Harper donor
Hannah Meeker piecewalk
Angela Powell donor
Lorry Cates donor
John and Jane Kenney donor
Michelle Tompkins donor
John Tompkins piecewalk
Mike Bass donor
Kathy Funston piecewalk
Melodie Bowers piecewalk
Emily Say donor
Nancy and Bob Ellis donor


Nancy and Bob Ellis $500
Karen Frederickson $250
Michelle Tompkins $200
John and Jane Kenney $150
Donna Grace $100
Tammy Kaitz $100
Julie Baker $100
Lori Jirousek $100
Landon Whitsitt $100
John & Patti Simonelli $100
Kelly Allnatt $100
Lara Gatling $100
Patty Harper $100
Susan Holcomb $50
Susan Holcomb $50
Linda Payne $50
Dana Lewis $50
Rachel Howell $50
Ann Hopkins $50
Linda Payne $50
Mike Bass $50
Emily Say $50
Lorry Cates $40
Cathy Burdine $25
Angela Powell $25
Anne Dawson $20
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