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This is our 6 yr old autistic son, TJ (in the very middle). When he was 1st diagnosed, we were told by his therapists to do so many things to "help" him not to be so autistic. We very quickly changed therapists. We accommodate to HIS needs, not our own. If they don't learn the way we teach, teach the way they learn. This has given him so much confidence. He doesn't have autism, he is autistic. He also loves his bff, baby Jax (his cousin), the Solar System (and knows all of the planets in order from the sun), polygons, trains, numbers (not regular numbers..googolplex numbers), vehicles (he can tell you the name of every single 1 there is), and is an avid video game lover. He is the smartest, sweetest and most talented person we know. TJ has a heart of gold & has tons of compassion & love, for everyone he meets. The cure for autism is acceptance. We would love for everyone to donate to this awesome organization, to support ausome people, like our son :)

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