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Oklahoma City

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We love our autism community and one of our goals each year is to give back to the community through events like this!

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Rebecca Rowland piecewalk
Abby Dysinger piecewalk
Jacob Dysinger piecewalk
Victoria Dysinger piecewalk
Vanessa Stewart piecewalk
Kelsey Mignano piecewalk
Brady Rice piecewalk
Paige Kiser piecewalk
Nona Zellmar piecewalk
Marittza Marks piecewalk
Treyson Marks piecewalk
Max Marks piecewalk
Emma Marks piecewalk
Sarah Webb piecewalk
Michael Strecker piecewalk
Nicole Phillips piecewalk
Allison Hopfer piecewalk
Dimanique Granados piecewalk
ryley wilmoth piecewalk
hunter scott piecewalk
Joe Ladymon piecewalk
Kylee Ladymon piecewalk
joseph ladymon piecewalk
Emily Collins piecewalk
Savanna Vickery piecewalk
Easton Prince piecewalk
Jace Prince piecewalk
Brexton Prince piecewalk
Kerri Prince piecewalk
Samantha Betchan piecewalk
Jessica Moore piecewalk
riaan patolia piecewalk
Kristin Nichols piecewalk
Debbie Hopfer piecewalk
Travis Hopfer piecewalk
Thomas Fox piecewalk
Koryna Arroyo piecewalk
devon villanueva piecewalk


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