The Freckled Avenger

Team Message

We walk and fight for "The Freckled Avenger" aka Max Inzinga! Max was diagnosed on the autism spectrum when he was in the first grade. We as a family have been met with many challenges as a result. Thanks to Autism Oklahoma we are prepared to meet those challenges head on! This is a great organization full of wonderful families prepared to help each other every day. Please donate whatever you can spare! every little bit helps.

Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 2000
Total Raised: 5444

$5444 of $2000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 18

18 of 10


Jeffrey Wagner 5k
laurie carter piecewalk
Benni Carter piecewalk
Karen Howell piecewalk
Terri Jungels piecewalk
Curtis Jungels piecewalk
Kevin Houghlan piecewalk
Kimberly Engel piecewalk
Allison Croom piecewalk
Cindy Mims 5k
Rosealia Daugherty piecewalk
Brenda Gentry Donor
Buffalo Wild Wings and Wing Ding Donor
Lauralee Hartz Donor
Lauralee Hartz Donor
Halo Roofing and Construction Donor
FaceBook Fundraiser Donor
Remington Park Donor


Buffalo Wild Wings and Wing Ding $1,500.00
Brenda Gentry $50.00
My Mickey Vacation Travel $50.00
Dreams Fulfilled Travel $50.00
Halo Roofing and Construction $3,000.00
FaceBook Fundraiser $425.00
Remington Park $274.00
Allison Croom $25.00