The Finntastic Finnadoes Tulsa

Team Message

Finn (who will be four in April) is our fantastic tornado.  He brings so much excitement and love to our world.  We want the world to know how wonderful he is and for him to get to have love and amazing experiences throughout his life. Please join us in this Piece Walk to create awareness of the world of Autism.

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 1000
Total Raised: 1785

$1785 of $1000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 25
Team Members: 42

42 of 25


Heather Ayers piecewalk
Scott Cooper piecewalk
Brian Cooper piecewalk
Tina Cooper piecewalk
sami cooper piecewalk
Aubrey Drake piecewalk
Kyle Ayers piecewalk
Sarah Alfred Alfred-Cobb piecewalk
Jared Waller piecewalk
Kelsey Waller piecewalk
Michelle Rombow piecewalk
Remi McKean piecewalk
Lexi Heavener piecewalk
Harley Cooper piecewalk
Kayla Heavener piecewalk
Justin Oktay piecewalk
Madison Heavener piecewalk
Cherie Richter piecewalk
Haley Sarasua piecewalk
Amanda Fulbright piecewalk
Blake Hamar piecewalk
Adrien Sarasua piecewalk
Alexis Stull piecewalk
Darrian Jordan piecewalk
Heather Ayers Donor
Cherie Richter Donor
Mary F Colberg Donor
Gary Gramm Donor
Jared Waller Donor
Ashley & Curtis Allen Donor
Ryan Heavener Donor
Courtney Evans Donor
Michelle Rombow Donor
Tina Cooper Donor
Amber Gregory Donor
Steve Waller Donor
SpringPoint Technologies Donor
Bryanna Carlisle Donor
Gracie Burnett Donor
Ashley Robbins Donor
FaceBook Fundraiser Donor
Sarah Alfred Donor


Heather Ayers $50
Cherie Richter $100
Mary F Colberg $100
Gary Gramm $50
Jared Waller $100
Remi McKean $25
Ashley & Curtis Allen $25
Ryan Heavener $25
Courtney Evans $50
Michelle Rombow $10
Tina Cooper $100
Amber Gregory $25
Steve Waller $100
SpringPoint Technologies $250
Bryanna Carlisle $20
Gracie Burnett $25
Ashley Robbins $50
FaceBook Fundraiser $630
Sarah Alfred $50