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We are picking the argonauts as our team name cause he loves the Octonauts sooo why not change it up a little bit with our last name 🥰. Axel Brynn is our 3 year old son who just loves to laugh and have a good time. We want to show him what’s all out in the world and the things we can do as a FAMILY. To me family is everything. I also want axel to know it’s ok to be yourself and people will love you for you 🥰

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$ 50

Team Fundraising Goal: 100
Total Raised: $50

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Membership Goal: 20
Team Members: 20


Aylece Wheeler piecewalk
Jase Argo piecewalk
Jerry Argo piecewalk
Sharran Nugent piecewalk
Khasseli Jacobs piecewalk
Shakia Crabtree piecewalk
Tennille Orr piecewalk
Axel Wheeler piecewalk
Jill Jaime donor
Savannah Sharp piecewalk
Shanaha Colquitt piecewalk
Alyssa Long piecewalk
Riley Palin piecewalk
Jaren Bush piecewalk
Kelsey Corbin piecewalk
Riley Trevino piecewalk
Trevin Penton piecewalk
Casey Bell piecewalk
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Jill Jaime $50
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