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Hello! I have identical twin daughters and one has been diagnosed with autism! It has become my families mission to learn all we can about autism to be the best we can for Illianna and give her the best life possible. I am very excited about participating in our first ever piece walk and very honored to have you join our team! 

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Brittney Patten piecewalk
Ryan Patten piecewalk
Skyler Patten piecewalk
Kaden Patten piecewalk
Jax Patten piecewalk
Brittney Griffith piecewalk
William Griffith piecewalk
Linda Meek piecewalk
Rodger Meek piecewalk
Doug Houtz piecewalk
Beth Houtz piecewalk
Sean Houtz piecewalk
Jon Goldberger piecewalk
Denise Goldberger piecewalk
Dana Sessions piecewalk
Corey Blythe piecewalk
Kim Patten piecewalk
Kenny Patten piecewalk
Raela Freeman piecewalk
Arieanna Brewer piecewalk
Nancy Gilmore piecewalk
Andrew Collier piecewalk
Maecie Hunt piecewalk
Izzabella Patten piecewalk
Illianna Patten piecewalk
Deanna Webb piecewalk
Gloria Long piecewalk
Steve McKinzie piecewalk
Izy McKinzie piecewalk
Ott McKinzie piecewalk
Christina Jamison piecewalk
Dequan Jamison piecewalk
Cedar Patten piecewalk
Kelli Ables piecewalk
Quinn Ables piecewalk
Sydney Ables piecewalk
Broghan Ables piecewalk
Bobby Taylor piecewalk
Addie Taylor piecewalk
Heather Henderson piecewalk
Marah Henderson piecewalk
Calleigh Henderson piecewalk
Jace Swaffer piecewalk
Evan Swaffer piecewalk
Amber Moss piecewalk
Ben Moss piecewalk
Bob Burns piecewalk
Anna Burns piecewalk
DeOnn Odell piecewalk
Randy Odell piecewalk
Brittney Bishop piecewalk
Jason Bishop piecewalk
Chase Bishop piecewalk
Eleanor Bishop piecewalk
Jessie McKinzie piecewalk
Ryan Snodgrass piecewalk
Sandy Patten piecewalk
Jenny Lusk piecewalk
Brent Lusk piecewalk
Zac Lusk piecewalk
Emily Lusk piecewalk
Eric Lusk piecewalk
Jenica Lusk piecewalk
David Tanquery piecewalk
Galen Tanquery piecewalk
Marli Jay Tanquery piecewalk
Jude Tanquery piecewalk
Silas Tanquery piecewalk
Judy Tanquery piecewalk
Tom Tanquery piecewalk
Lori Smith piecewalk
Mikal Smith piecewalk
Kayelynn Smith piecewalk
Avynleigh Smith piecewalk
Zac Smith piecewalk
Wayland Smith piecewalk
Caedmon Smith piecewalk
Becky Tidwell piecewalk
Mike Tidwell piecewalk
Sheena Capps piecewalk
Laylee Capps piecewalk
Waverlee Capps piecewalk
Carl Peterson piecewalk
Nation Johnson piecewalk
Jayden Burgett piecewalk


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