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Our mission and vision at Soaring on Hope is to make HOPE happen every day and provide quality care and resources to all children and all families in all communities! Our SOH team is made up of like-minded individuals who are all working towards the same goals of making HOPE happen for their families, for the clients they serve, and for the community where they live. We are creating a team to support the families that we serve. Encouraging them to be part of something that not only brings Autism awareness but togetherness and fun, which offers HOPE!

Badges Earned

Members 50

Money Raised

$ 38

Team Fundraising Goal: $500
Total Raised: $38

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Membership Goal: 50
Team Members: 84


Melissa Gillin piecewalk
Bethany Kee piecewalk
Chase Kee piecewalk
Logan Kee piecewalk
Ashley Summar piecewalk
Lindsay Brown piecewalk
Julie Armstrong piecewalk
Christy Hays piecewalk
Sara Kusler piecewalk
Mallory Welch piecewalk
Katie Horn piecewalk
Bethany Horn piecewalk
Easton Horn piecewalk
Vanessa Torrijos piecewalk
Lauren Stevens piecewalk
TaWyana Jones piecewalk
Ann Clark piecewalk
Rashad Bramlett piecewalk
Ashlee Arroyave piecewalk
Wesley Eisenbacher piecewalk
Aeriana Rodriguez piecewalk
Ethan Bruce piecewalk
Cooper Smith piecewalk
Colton Smith piecewalk
Rachel Decean piecewalk
Rico Villegas piecewalk
Jonathan Toppah piecewalk
Nalani Toppah piecewalk
Shelby Campbell piecewalk
Naylin Toppah piecewalk
Noah Toppah piecewalk
Jon Nation piecewalk
Lincoln Nation piecewalk
Teddy Nation piecewalk
Laurie Nation piecewalk
Emily Loveland piecewalk
Daniel Loveland piecewalk
Luke Loveland piecewalk
Lesly Alaves piecewalk
Autumn Brine piecewalk
Ary Brine piecewalk
Freddy Brine piecewalk
Jonathan Patuto piecewalk
Braden Patuto piecewalk
Josie Patuto piecewalk
Candice Phillips piecewalk
Benjamin Phillips piecewalk
Matthew Phillips piecewalk
Tra Jefferson piecewalk
Emily hicks piecewalk
Rae Robinson piecewalk
Jerrod Goree piecewalk
Kionia Reed piecewalk
Patricia Hernandez piecewalk
Magdalena Hernandez piecewalk
Eliah Lopez piecewalk
Delanos Washington piecewalk
Kaleema Washington piecewalk
Natalie Lopez piecewalk
Erica Dotson piecewalk
Samuel Sinor piecewalk
Adriel Sigala piecewalk
Cristina Sigala piecewalk
Raomi Sigala piecewalk
Daniel Sigala piecewalk
Lael Sigala piecewalk
Karen Roman piecewalk
Lincoln Cotton piecewalk
Noah Cotton piecewalk
Josh Cotton piecewalk
Joshua Cotton piecewalk
Carson Dixon piecewalk
Audrey Dixon piecewalk
Julia Dixon piecewalk
Christi Cottom piecewalk
Chris Dixon piecewalk
Julissia Basquez piecewalk
Katy Stewart piecewalk
Nathalia Falcon piecewalk
Santiago Rodriguez-Falcon piecewalk
Vanesa Rebollar-Ortiz piecewalk
Yessenia Rivera piecewalk
Josue Mateo Rivera piecewalk
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Krista Fertig $20
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