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Our mission and vision at Soaring on Hope is to make HOPE happen every day and provide quality care and resources to all children and all families in all communities! Our SOH team is made up of like-minded individuals who are all working towards the same goals of making HOPE happen for their families, for the clients they serve, and for the community where they live. We are creating a team to support the families that we serve. Encouraging them to be part of something that not only brings Autism awareness but togetherness and fun, which offers HOPE!

Badges Earned

Members 50
Raised 200

Money Raised

$ 315

Team Fundraising Goal: $100
Total Raised: $315

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 51


Melissa Gillin piecewalk
Rachel Newton piecewalk
Casie Walker piecewalk
Brittany Durdin piecewalk
Colton Smith piecewalk
Ashlee Arroyave piecewalk
Madison Valdez piecewalk
Austin Devine piecewalk
Christa Wallace piecewalk
Tanner Billingsley piecewalk
Kristen Adekunle piecewalk
Braylen Toles piecewalk
Sybil Burrell piecewalk
Laurie Kelso piecewalk
Jase Williamson piecewalk
Melissa Williamson piecewalk
Cooper Smith piecewalk
Ethan Bruce piecewalk
Jasmine David piecewalk
Lindsay Brown piecewalk
ashley summar piecewalk
Jaylynne Roberts piecewalk
Bethany Kee piecewalk
Kristen Hyde piecewalk
Austin Hyde piecewalk
Nyx Owens piecewalk
Bethany Horn piecewalk
Easton Horn piecewalk
Grant Horn piecewalk
Katie Horn piecewalk
Krista Fertig piecewalk
Ashlee Del Castillo piecewalk
Melany Del Castillo piecewalk
Karla Lopez piecewalk
Alexis Del Castillo piecewalk
Logan Kee piecewalk
Chase Kee piecewalk
Lindsay Tatum donor
Laura Hickman piecewalk
Melissa Banaban piecewalk
Kumar Brahmbhatt piecewalk
Kelsey Mucha piecewalk
Matthew Mucha piecewalk
Emily Hornay piecewalk
Kyle Kalevik piecewalk
Cintia Ramirez piecewalk
Denise Cruz piecewalk
Edith Marquez piecewalk
Breanna Cruz piecewalk
Daven Dooley piecewalk
Vendor Fee donor


Vendor Fee $300
Lindsay Tatum $15
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