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Welcome Family and Friends! We are so proud to be back raising awareness for autism alongside the Oklahoma PieceWalk! We had the most wonderful time last year and cannot wait to join in on the fun this year. The walk is May 4th in Oklahoma City and we would love for you all to share the experience with us! Ryan has made great progress over the last year! He’s met many established goals and continues to accomplish his daily tasks. Though Ryan is primarily non-verbal, he’s working hard on his speech and is able to speak spontaneously and repeat when prompted. He’s improving in most areas and continues to make us proud every day! He’s found a best friend in his little sister who he shares an unbreakable bond with. Ryan has a packed therapy schedule with seven therapies in four days. He has an amazing relationship with all of his therapists and we are blessed to have such a team that loves and cares for him so much! We cannot thank our family and friends enough for the support, love, prayers, and encouragement they show us every day. As we say, it takes a village and YOU are our people!! Any contribution to this cause will directly benefit families like ours with continued funding for education and research. It will also help maintain resources needed to make each day a little easier for Ryan and those who face similar challenges. If you are able to donate, please choose "My favorite PieceWalk team" and scroll to Team Ryan! We thank you for all you do for us, for Ryan, and for the autism community! Hugs from Oklahoma! -- Tom, Shannon, Ryan & Ella Harrison  

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Team Fundraising Goal: 5000
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Joan Craig $25
Melissa Flynn $25
Taylor Estrada $50
Nicole Esser $50
Emily Kroll $50
Walter Amorin $100
Noreen Curry $100
Alicia Paquin $50
David Hesketh $50
Jacquelyn Wells $25
Elfriede Harrison $25
Donna Segel $50
Kathy and Bob Fink $100
Wendie Salisbury $100
Glenda Jones $100
victoria farinella $50
Mike Yeung $25
John & Louise GRYVAL $100
Chris Valente $100
Joseph Ganim $500
John Kane $50
nick wolff $50
Doyle Family $50
Stephen Wright $500
Diana Caroe $50
Valerie A Desmond Desmond $50
Kristen Blumetti $50
Mark, Cindy & Hannah Lawton $250
Ericka Applegate $50
Barbara Herrick $100
Richard & Linda Avery $200
The Craig Girls $25
Caitlyn Johnson $25
Terry Wahl $250
Jack Wahl $25
Randi Kessler $100
Joann Denapoli Charitable Foundation C/O Stephen Politi $100
Dave Fordham $100
Kim Harrison $300
Rachel Claffey $50
Rusty Roberts $100
Douglas Daily $25
Patrick Sweeney $50
Louise Bucko $100
Mark and Karen Avery $200
Jeff Manley $25
John Avery sr $50
Tom & Tricia Avery $200
Bob molinelli $10
Hawk Holloway $50
Cassandra Tong $200
Jenna Carey $50
Steve, Erin, Drew and Avery Hesketh $200
Jessy Benavente $25
Martin Holland $25
Kerri Bransfield $25
Eileen and Paul MCCUSKER $200
Jesse A. White Jesse A. White $100
PAW PAW and Nunny Avery $500
Lisa Russell $100
Tony Olenczuk $50
Rob and Kate Harrison $100
RJ Harrison $30
Kait & Bobby Wahl $300
John Avery $50
Kara Sinkule $50
jason curran $25
Shannon, Tom, Ryan & Ella GO TEAM RYAN!!!!! $200
Tom and Elaine Cannon $25
Laurie Lancaster $20
Johnson Reference Books $50
William Kenny Jr. $100
Deb Malone Deb Malone $50
Shawn Johnson $25