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Dear Family & Friends, Thank you for your endless love & support as we embark on Ryan's new journey. He continues to make great progress with the help of his team here in Oklahoma, his loving little sister and all of you. Your messages, prayers, advice and words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. Any contribution will benefit Ryan and families like ours with more opportunities in education, enhanced resources and further research towards the study of Autism. We thank you in advance for any donation to this amazing cause! "We won't stop until all the pieces fit." We love you all! Shannon, Tom, Ryan & Ella

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Team Fundraising Goal: 1500
Total Raised: 11588

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Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 143

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Shannon Harrison piecewalk
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Hannah Avery Donor
Nicole Rosen Donor
Mark, Kelsey + Desmond Avery Donor
Mark Avery Donor
Steve, Erin, Drew and Ave Hesketh Donor
Alicia Paquin Donor
Craig and Di Hibbard Donor
Kara Sinkule Donor
Nick, Nicole, Connor, Sophia Esser Donor
The Craig Family Donor
Kristen Blumetti Donor
Leanne Avery Donor
Skip, Kathleen, Carolyn, Brigid Avery Donor
Skip, Kathleen, Carolyn, Brigid Avery Donor
Tom and Tricia Avery Donor
John kelly josh mike nick Curry Donor
Mark, Cindy, & Hannah Lawton Donor
Brian, Kristen, Emma & Riley Mitchell Donor
Donna and Stuart Segel Donor
Richard Avery Donor
Peg Doyle Donor
The Applegate Family Donor
Ally Milman Donor
Kait Wahl Donor
Michelle Gipolan Donor
Betsy Murphy Murphy Donor
Benjamin Mendell Donor
Patricia Webb Donor
Diane Malboeuf Donor
Shiela Demers Donor
Adam & Veronica Gould Donor
Julie Hession Donor
Justin White Donor
Rob and Kate Harrison Donor
Bob and Kathy Fink Donor
Donna and Ralph Penta Donor
Eric & Marie Joerger Donor
Mike Yeung Donor
Stephanie Carroll Donor
Wally Amorin Donor
Nicole Nielsen Donor
Nana & Papa Avery Donor
Dave & Sandi Hesketh Donor
Donald Danton Donor
Cheryl Nolet Donor
Wendie and Peter Salisbury Donor
Joan Bransfield Donor
John, Danielle, Clara, Jack, & Ethan Avery Donor
Kaylan Doyle Donor
Cecil Harrison Donor
Jenna Carey Donor
David Fordham Donor
Emily Avery Donor
Stephanie Sullivan Donor
Joe and Carol Davis Donor
Laura Quigley Donor
Kerri Bransfield Donor
Jan and Rick Vallarelli Donor
Mandy Messinger Donor
Glenda Jones Donor
rupa sugrim Donor
Francine Kergo Donor
Dorothy Garland Donor
Randi Kessler Donor
Sarah Hesketh-Munson Donor
Michelle Avery Donor
Kathleen Dyer Donor
Gregory Letarte Donor
David Pilcher Donor
Tom Molinari Donor
Connor and Sophia Esser Donor
Joseph Ganim Donor
Scott Solow Donor
Chris Kelley Donor
Kathy Jensen Donor
Harold Werlin Donor
Robyn Whitehouse Donor
Jaclyn Jenket Donor
Nicholas Wolff Donor
Carol Michitson Donor
Rick& Annmarie Russell Donor
bob & julie melendy Donor
Cappy Fournier Donor
Ann Wieczorek Donor
Gary Munson Donor
Eileen and Paul McCusker Donor
Dave Singleton Donor
Joanne Petty-McGinn Donor
John Kane Donor
Stephen Wright Donor
Kevin McKenna Donor
Kevin McKenna Donor
David Simoneau Jr Donor
Susan Smith Donor
Jason Gomes Donor
John & Louise Gryval Donor
Louise Bucko Donor
Nunny & Papa Avery For Ryan and Ella Harrison Donor
Amy Kilpatrick Donor
Jim Moran Donor
Peggy Martis Donor
karen and Ken Vail Donor
Mike Castelli Donor
Douglas Daily Donor
Mom, Dad & Ella GO TEAM RYAN!!!!! Donor
Michael/Marilyn Herrick Donor
Bob and Kim Harrison Donor
David ‘78 & Jennifer Rich Donor
Bill & Louisa Jaffe Donor
Thomas Bostick Donor
Hawk Holloway Donor
Jose Alvarez Donor
Richard Avery Donor
Noreen Curry Donor
Dario Margve Donor
Tony Olenczuk Donor
Chrissy&Eric Sefchik Donor
Dennis & Karla Donovan Donor
Greg & Kaye Sargent Donor
Bob & Melissa Hernandez Donor
Wanda Yeatman Donor
Manuel Hernandez Donor
Mark Eidem Donor
Marty Holland Donor
Thomas Johnson Donor
Patrick Sweeney Donor
Robert Thompson Donor
John & Kerri DeJesus Donor
Bronislaw Zamojda Donor
Steve & Cathy Van Drew Donor
Joann Denapoli Charitable Foundation C/O Stephen Politi Donor
Peter N. Lengyel Donor
Tom Cannon Donor
Geneva DeJesus Donor


Mark, Kelsey + Desmond Avery $100.00
Mark Avery $100.00
Steve, Erin, Drew and Ave Hesketh $150.00
Alicia Paquin $50.00
Craig and Di Hibbard $100.00
Kara Sinkule $100.00
Nick, Nicole, Connor, Sophia Esser $25.00
The Craig Family $25.00
Hannah Avery $15.00
Kristen Blumetti $100.00
Leanne Avery $50.00
Skip, Kathleen, Carolyn, Brigid Avery $50.00
Skip, Kathleen, Carolyn, Brigid Avery $50.00
Nicole Rosen $100.00
Tom and Tricia Avery $100.00
Taylor Estrada $50.00
John kelly josh mike nick Curry $150.00
Mark, Cindy, & Hannah Lawton $100.00
Brian, Kristen, Emma & Riley Mitchell $100.00
Donna and Stuart Segel $50.00
Richard Avery $100.00
Peg Doyle $100.00
The Applegate Family $50.00
Ally Milman $100.00
Kait Wahl $200.00
Michelle Gipolan $25.00
Betsy Murphy Murphy $50.00
Benjamin Mendell $50.00
Patricia Webb $25.00
Diane Malboeuf $50.00
Shiela Demers $20.00
Adam & Veronica Gould $25.00
Julie Hession $25.00
Justin White $100.00
Rob and Kate Harrison $100.00
Bob and Kathy Fink $100.00
Donna and Ralph Penta $100.00
Eric & Marie Joerger $100.00
Mike Yeung $50.00
Stephanie Carroll $50.00
Wally Amorin $50.00
Nicole Nielsen $50.00
Nana & Papa Avery $50.00
Dave & Sandi Hesketh $50.00
Donald Danton $50.00
Cheryl Nolet $50.00
Wendie and Peter Salisbury $100.00
Joan Bransfield $100.00
John, Danielle, Clara, Jack, & Ethan Avery $100.00
Kaylan Doyle $50.00
Cecil Harrison $25.00
Jenna Carey $50.00
David Fordham $100.00
Emily Avery $15.00
Stephanie Sullivan $50.00
Joe and Carol Davis $25.00
Laura Quigley $100.00
Kerri Bransfield $30.00
Jan and Rick Vallarelli $50.00
Mandy Messinger $100.00
Glenda Jones $100.00
rupa sugrim $40.00
Francine Kergo $25.00
Dorothy Garland $20.00
Randi Kessler $100.00
Sarah Hesketh-Munson $25.00
Michelle Avery $35.00
Kathleen Dyer $25.00
Gregory Letarte $100.00
Mission Direct Services $100.00
Tom Molinari $50.00
Connor and Sophia Esser $25.00
Joseph Ganim $250.00
Scott Solow $200.00
Chris Kelley $25.00
Kathy Jensen $50.00
Harold Werlin $25.00
Robyn Whitehouse $100.00
Jaclyn Jenket $50.00
Nicholas Wolff $100.00
Carol Michitson $100.00
Rick& Annmarie Russell $100.00
bob & julie melendy $100.00
Cappy Fournier $100.00
Ann Wieczorek $50.00
Gary Munson $25.00
Eileen and Paul McCusker $50.00
Dave Singleton $100.00
Joanne Petty-McGinn $50.00
John Kane $50.00
NOW Delivery $500.00
Kevin McKenna $150.00
Kevin McKenna $150.00
David Simoneau Jr $100.00
Susan Smith $25.00
Jason Gomes $25.00
John & Louise Gryval $50.00
Louise Bucko $100.00
Nunny & Papa Avery For Ryan and Ella Harrison $330.00
Amy Kilpatrick $50.00
Jim Moran $100.00
Peggy Martis $75.00
karen and Ken Vail $50.00
Mike Castelli $100.00
Douglas Daily $25.00
Mom, Dad & Ella GO TEAM RYAN!!!!! $200.00
Michael/Marilyn Herrick $100.00
Bob and Kim Harrison $250.00
David ‘78 & Jennifer Rich $25.00
Bill & Louisa Jaffe $25.00
Thomas Bostick $100.00
Hawk Holloway $50.00
Jose Alvarez $1,000.00
Richard Avery $100.00
Noreen Curry $50.00
Dario Margve $50.00
Tony Olenczuk $50.00
Chrissy&Eric Sefchik $50.00
Dennis & Karla Donovan $50.00
Greg & Kaye Sargent $100.00
Charlene McLaughlin $100.00
Bob & Melissa Hernandez $50.00
Wanda Yeatman $50.00
Manuel Hernandez $78.00
Mark Eidem $100.00
Marty Holland $25.00
Thomas Johnson $50.00
Patrick Sweeney $50.00
Robert Thompson $5.00
John & Kerri DeJesus $200.00
Bronislaw Zamojda $25.00
Steve & Cathy Van Drew $100.00
Joann Denapoli Charitable Foundation C/O Stephen Politi $100.00
Peter N. Lengyel $50.00
Tom Cannon $25.00
Geneva DeJesus $200.00