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Oklahoma City

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Welcome, Team Ryan!!! Thank you for your continued encouragement, support, and generosity! We look forward to another successful PieceWalk! GO TEAM RYAN!

Badges Earned

Elite Badge
Members 50
Raised 2500

Money Raised

$ 4,673

Team Fundraising Goal: $7,000
Total Raised: $4,673

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 50
Team Members: 52


Shannon Harrison piecewalk
RYAN Harrison piecewalk
Tom Harrison piecewalk
ELLA Harrison piecewalk
Craig Family donor
Donna Segel donor
Mikki & Kash baby donor
Jon Pastor donor
Justin White donor
Lauren Burton donor
Jenna Enrico donor
Kelly Curry donor
Mark Avery donor
Joan Bransfield donor
Jenna Carey donor
Kristen Blumetti donor
Kara Sinkule donor
Esser Family donor
Anonymous donor
Chloe and Conor Van Dusen donor
Leanne Avery donor
Alicia Paquin donor
Laura Quigley donor
Kristy Gallahue donor
Di Hibbard donor
Kim Harrison donor
Thomas Jenket donor
Crystal Rickard donor
Janice Vallarelli donor
bob & Julie Melendy donor
Paula Schiedler donor
Lynn & Dave Fordham donor
Carol Davis donor
Eric & Marie Joerger donor
Janet Dill donor
Hannah Avery donor
Dorothy Garland donor
Nikki Vozza donor
Mark Avery Jr. donor
Rachel Fuda donor
Kerri Bransfield donor
The Bannon Family donor
Kate Harrison donor
Kait Wahl donor
Linda Avery donor
Nick & Jackie Johnston donor
Jon Busman donor
Doyle Family donor
Michelle&Nick Ryan donor
Donna Penta donor
Barbara Geldart donor
Dave & Sandi Hesketh donor


Kim Harrison $500
bob & Julie Melendy $250
Lynn & Dave Fordham $250
Justin White $200
Mark Avery $200
Linda Avery $200
Mark Avery Jr. $150
Kait Wahl $150
Craig Family $100
Mikki & Kash baby $100
Kelly Curry $100
Kara Sinkule $100
Esser Family $100
Anonymous $100
Chloe and Conor Van Dusen $100
Kristy Gallahue $100
Thomas Jenket $100
Janice Vallarelli $100
Paula Schiedler $100
Eric & Marie Joerger $100
Janet Dill $100
Rachel Fuda $100
The Bannon Family $100
Kate Harrison $100
Nick & Jackie Johnston $100
Leanne Avery $75
Michelle&Nick Ryan $75
Dave & Sandi Hesketh $75
Donna Segel $50
Jon Pastor $50
Jenna Enrico $50
Joan Bransfield $50
Jenna Carey $50
Kristen Blumetti $50
Alicia Paquin $50
Laura Quigley $50
Di Hibbard $50
Nikki Vozza $50
Kerri Bransfield $50
Donna Penta $50
Barbara Geldart $50
Carol Davis $30
Lauren Burton $25
Crystal Rickard $25
Hannah Avery $25
Dorothy Garland $25
Jon Busman $25
Doyle Family $25
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