Team Quinton Tulsa

Team Message

Welcome to Team Quinton! We are so excited for another year of PieceWalk and 5k to raise money and awareness for children and their families impacted by ASD.
Quinton is our 4-year-old boy. He was diagnosed with ASD in October 2017 and an unspecified sensory processing disorder in February 2018. Regardless of the challenges Quinton faces, he doesn’t let it stop him from making awesome progress. One big accomplishment Quinton has made this year is starting Pre-K! Woohoo! We are so proud of him! He works hard every day and never ceases to amaze us with his resiliency and loving spirit! We want to welcome you in joining us in Quinton’s journey! Let’s make PieceWalk and 5k 2019 a magical one!

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 2000
Total Raised: 2375

$2375 of $2000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 20
Team Members: 43

43 of 20


Danielle Lacy piecewalk
Christine Hamner piecewalk
Cassie Lacy piecewalk
Molly Garell piecewalk
Ashley Gray piecewalk
Susan Hamil piecewalk
Garrett Lacy piecewalk
Gigi and Papa Garell piecewalk
Sheryl Surber piecewalk
Darrel Dearman piecewalk
Angel Gray piecewalk
Lee Garell piecewalk
Andrew Garell piecewalk
Barbie Lacy piecewalk
Steven Lacy piecewalk
Paisley Hamner piecewalk
Clint Hamner piecewalk
Quinton Lacy piecewalk
Ruth Ellis piecewalk
Edith Dykes piecewalk
Korti Surber piecewalk
Wanda Gaines piecewalk
Grace Osburn piecewalk
Hugh Mann piecewalk
Carolyn Baber piecewalk
MaMa and DaDa Donor
Pop pop and Mimi Lacy Donor
Grandma Washington Donor
George Lacy Donor
Robert Green Donor
Andrew Garell Donor
Stephen Cue Donor
taylor riggins Donor
Ruth Ellis Donor
Edith Dykes Donor
Joyce Bae Donor
Green Country Energy Donor
Scott and Joy Helt Donor
FaceBook Fundraiser Donor
Danny Parish Donor
Ragan Oakes Donor
66 Tees and More Donor


Susan Hamil $50
MaMa and DaDa $50
Gigi and Papa Garell $200
Molly Garell $200
Pop pop and Mimi Lacy $200
Grandma Washington $50
George Lacy $100
Robert Green $100
Andrew Garell $100
Stephen Cue $25
taylor riggins $50
Ruth Ellis $25
Edith Dykes $50
Patricia Flowerd $50
Christine Hamner $50
Joyce Bae $50
Green Country Energy $300
Angel Gray $10
Scott and Joy Helt $40
FaceBook Fundraiser $100
Danny Parish $50
Ragan Oakes $100
66 Tees and More $425