Team Quinton

Team Message

Quinton is our 3-year-old son. He was diagnosed with ASD in October of 2017 and we have been embarking on this amazing adventure with him ever since. He works hard every day to interact with the world around him. He is strong, beautiful, and beyond intelligent. He makes the world a sweeter place to live in simply because he exists. We are so proud of all the achievements he has made in his short lifetime and want to continue supporting him and other children and their families impacted by ASD. We love you, Quinton Lacy, to the moon and back! -Momma and DaDa

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 1000
Total Raised: 1820

$1820 of $1000

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Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 36

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Danielle Lacy piecewalk
Tia Grantham piecewalk
Garrett Lacy piecewalk
Christine Hamner piecewalk
Barbie Lacy piecewalk
Cassie Lacy piecewalk
Steven Lacy piecewalk
Molly Garell piecewalk
Lee Garell piecewalk
Paisley Hamner piecewalk
Ashley Gray 5k
Quinton Lacy piecewalk
Shona Lack piecewalk
Ruth Ellis piecewalk
James Schroder 5k
Clint Hamner piecewalk
George and Karen Lacy Donor
Garrett and Danielle Lacy Donor
Andrew Garell Donor
GiGi and PaPa Donor
Ruth Ellis Donor
Paisley Hamner Donor
Steven Lacy Donor
Audrey McHenry Donor
Ragan Oakes Donor
Grandma Washington Donor
Vickie Hadley Donor
M Gantz Donor
M Gantz Donor
Blake and Lacey Darby Donor
Big Chief’s Dounts & More Donor
Patty Million Donor
OSU Emergency Room Nurses Donor
JR & Loretta Weatherby Donor
We love you Quinton!! Uncle Danny & Aunt Audrey McHenry Donor
Aunt Edith Donor


George and Karen Lacy $50.00
Garrett and Danielle Lacy $100.00
Andrew Garell $200.00
GiGi and PaPa $150.00
Ruth Ellis $100.00
Paisley Hamner $75.00
Mimi and Pop pop $150.00
Audrey McHenry $30.00
Green Country Energy $300.00
Grandma Washington $20.00
Vickie Hadley $100.00
M Gantz $10.00
M Gantz $10.00
Blake and Lacey Darby $40.00
Big Chief’s Donuts & More $104.00
Patty Million $25.00
OSU Emergency Room Nurses $212.00
JR & Loretta Weatherby $20.00
We love you Quinton!! Uncle Danny & Aunt Audrey McHenry $34.00
Aunt Edith $20.00