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Welcome to Team Paden team page. This team has been formed to support the Autism Oklahoma PieceWalk on 05/06/2017. Information about this team can be found below.

Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
Total Raised: $600.00
$600 of $5000

Members Recruited

Recruitment Goal: 20
Members Recruited: 22
22 of 20

Team Message:

Hello! We are doing this walk for Paden. Everyone who knows Paden knows how special and wonderful he is. And those of you that know our family (Melissa, Jason, Jacob, Allie and Paden) know the struggles and challenges that we face with autism as a family. We want to do this walk to help raise money for those who may need more help than our family does. The spectrum is so different for every kid. And every kid and family needs help in a different way. Also I want to bring more awareness to what autism is. If you have met one child with autism, you have met one child with autism. Every child is different and special in their own way! Paden is talented in so many ways. He has the kindest soul you could ever imagine. I just want everyone to be able to celebrate him and embrace all of him with no judgement. I want that for every kid on the spectrum. Thank you for your time, love, donations! We love you all and so does Paden!

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Team Event Participants:

Member NameEvent
Alyssa Unsellpiecewalk
Rebecca Powerpiecewalk
Cayleb Powerpiecewalk
Madalyn Powerpiecewalk
Marc Powerpiecewalk
Jason Unsell (Team Captain)piecewalk
John Unsellpiecewalk
Margaret Unsellpiecewalk
Jenna Zanottopiecewalk
mary mottpiecewalk
Melissa Easteppiecewalk
Allie Easteppiecewalk
Paden Easteppiecewalk
Teresa Harrispiecewalk
Eva Harrispiecewalk
Melissa Unsellpiecewalk
David Dureepiecewalk
Rachel Maddenpiecewalk
Sondra Asberypiecewalk
Makenzie Asberypiecewalk
Jaxon Wallacepiecewalk
Remington Asberypiecewalk

Team Donations Received:

DonorDonation Amount
Joe & Sandra Wilson$200.00
Douglas Tackett$200.00
A&B Wholesale Market, INC$100.00
Jason Unsell$100.00