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Hi This is Team Pacey Were Back we had a couple of rough years, but we are not giving up. We are back and coming back stronger than we were before. Here is a little background info if you didn't know us from before. Pacey was diagnosed with autism PPD NOS autism spectrum disorder in December of 2012, at the age of four years old. We always knew he was different and he didn't talk but it still came as a shock. Pacey loves toy cars and pretty much anything that has wheels, and his cartoon, he love figuring how to take things apart and putting them back together. He doesn't have alot to say but he starting to talking some more. Pacey is a very Smart individual and he has alot going for him and I see great thing in the future for him Just because he has Autism doesn't make him any less of a person he does have feelings to but sometime just have difficultly for him to show his feelings!! He just needs understanding and acceptance!

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