Team Oscar

Team Message

Team Oscar is in honor of an awesome 18 year old dude named Oscar Allywishes Saldana! Oscar is a Senior at Anadarko High School. He currently serves as Treasurer for The Anadarko High School National Honor Society and is learning how to play the guitar. Oscar loves music and collecting anything related to Star Wars. He will graduate in May 2018 and plans to attend The University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma Neill-Wint Center for Neurodiversity to study music. Team Oscar is a very important part of his life because of the support he received last year from family, friends, the Anadarko Public School System, and the community. Oscar invites you to join his team for the 2018 Piece Walk and 5k!

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 1000
Total Raised: 3800

$3800 of $1000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 100
Team Members: 125

125 of 100


Melonie Saldana piecewalk
Pam Laubach piecewalk
Morgan Ahhaitty 5k
Marissa Creepingbear piecewalk
jeremy Sankadota piecewalk
Angela French piecewalk
Pasquirita Eisenberger piecewalk
Coleen Cunningham piecewalk
Beth Parker piecewalk
Mary Botone piecewalk
Cherica Eckiwaudah piecewalk
Lucius Saldana piecewalk
aldelzon saldana piecewalk
Timothy Baugh piecewalk
Jerry Collins piecewalk
Jordin McCarty piecewalk
mark clayborn piecewalk
Breezy Prince piecewalk
Katherine Palmer piecewalk
Tracry French piecewalk
Shawna McCarty piecewalk
Erin Birch piecewalk
Sha Toyekoyah piecewalk
James Collins piecewalk
Diane Pewo piecewalk
Alex Birch piecewalk
Leah Bauman 5k
Donna Richey piecewalk
Terri Parton piecewalk
Monica Cisco piecewalk
Ashley French piecewalk
Kendal McCarty piecewalk
Jason Prince piecewalk
Autumn Prince piecewalk
Nyla Prince piecewalk
BreeAnn Luther piecewalk
Jakoby Howell piecewalk
Sylvester Luther piecewalk
Yavonne Prince piecewalk
Jaylyn Wetselline piecewalk
Anthony Wetselline Jr. piecewalk
Farrell Begay piecewalk
Ava Begay piecewalk
McKenzie Begay piecewalk
Tatum Begay piecewalk
Cindy Satoe piecewalk
Khy Satoe piecewalk
Jaycee Satoe piecewalk
Jaren Satoe piecewalk
Robin White 5k
Jory Tiger 5k
Galela Dalby 5k
Michael Dalby 5k
Kateri Dalby 5k
Wyatt Dalby 5k
Fran Harrison 5k
Caleb Holman 5k
Jerry Collins 5k
Corey Reeder 5k
Mary Botone 5k
Skylah Williams 5k
Tony Martin 5k
LaDana Johnson 5k
Dani Smith 5k
Haley Williams 5k
Lily Williams 5k
Matthew Toyekoyah 5k
Elijah Williams 5k
Tito Saldana 5k
Elizabeth Saldana 5k
Leyla Saldana 5k
Oscar Saldana 5k
Holly LaFerr 5k
Lance Ware 5k
Kristen Miller 5k
Paula Pewo 5k
Debbie Dotson 5k
Vanessa Tomahsah 5k
Gary Tomahsah 5k
Ray Tomahsah 5k
Maci Tomahsah 5k
Jamie Paddlety 5k
Summer Chisholm 5k
Lucus Camp 5k
Tasha Fridia 5k
Kennedy Fridia 5k
Brandon Fridia 5k
Jill Parker-Fields 5k
Hayla Parker-Fields 5k
Sandra Parker-Fields 5k
Shaunda Doan 5k
Mark Doan 5k
Skylar Doan 5k
Sonya Liles 5k
Katherine Lee 5k
Jacob Liles 5k
Sydney Chasenah 5k
Arentha Begay 5k
Michael Hensley 5k
Randalyn Holder 5k
Kaiden Holman 5k
Louisa Riffel 5k
Connie Bread 5k
Cherokee Bread 5k
Jared Williams 5k
Tony Martin 5k
Renee Cruz piecewalk
Gerald Wetselline piecewalk
Ally Wetselline piecewalk
Iris Wetselline piecewalk
Lexi Wetselline piecewalk
Kateri Ahtone piecewalk
Alice Ahtone piecewalk
Neesa Franklin piecewalk
Aletha Wise 5k
Cassie Williams piecewalk
Phealin Whish piecewalk
Isaballa Whish piecewalk
Alan Wheeler piecewalk
Kevin Wheeler piecewalk
Alicia Villagomez piecewalk
5K Fees for Wichita Tribe Runners Donor
Kristi Standifer Donor


W & R MECHANICAL $100.00
5K Fees for Wichita Tribe Runners $1,995.00
Melonie Saldana $1,600.00
Kristi Standifer $30.00