Team Nathan

Team Message

Come and support this awesome 5 year old at the annual PieceWalk on Saturday, May 5, 2018! We will also have Team Nathan T-Shirts available to Pre-Order, details to come. All donations go to AutismOklahoma which is an organization that helps families affected by Autism by providing a variety of services. For more information visit their website,

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 500
Total Raised: 2105

$2105 of $500

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 78

78 of 10


April Zamora piecewalk
Michael Nguyen piecewalk
Ashton Starks piecewalk
Mariana Orozco piecewalk
Elizabeth Esquivel piecewalk
Jennifer Herrera piecewalk
Patricia Nguyen piecewalk
Jan Shields piecewalk
natalie mcgovern piecewalk
Marely Thompson piecewalk
Evette Laija piecewalk
Anita Nguyen piecewalk
Corey Belvin piecewalk
Angie Cox piecewalk
Monica Turner piecewalk
Linda Perez piecewalk
Ariana Duran piecewalk
Angela Engelken piecewalk
Remy Luong piecewalk
Roberto Duran piecewalk
Artemio Cervantes piecewalk
Pamela Turner piecewalk
Shane Turner piecewalk
Isaiah Calhoun piecewalk
James Campbell piecewalk
Magdalena Cervantes piecewalk
Alyssa Jackson piecewalk
Rosa Torres piecewalk
Paola Bennett piecewalk
Andy Zamora piecewalk
Michelle Fierro piecewalk
Oanh Nguyen piecewalk
Brent Thompson piecewalk
Kassidy Stewart piecewalk
Julie Dawson piecewalk
Dawson Cox piecewalk
Cayson Engelken piecewalk
Aimee Nguyen piecewalk
Matt Nguyen piecewalk
Jessica Torres piecewalk
Chris Torres piecewalk
Donita Smith piecewalk
Juan Luis piecewalk
Eric Cervantes piecewalk
Jessyka Cervantes piecewalk
Sebastian Cervantes piecewalk
Brandon Wood piecewalk
Raul Torres piecewalk
Maria Zamora piecewalk
Jaydrien Crooks piecewalk
Kaylee Laija piecewalk
Kristian Laija piecewalk
Alberto Laija piecewalk
Jeffrey Bennett piecewalk
Artemio Cervantes piecewalk
Nathan Nguyen piecewalk
Nayeli Nguyen piecewalk
Illiana Torres piecewalk
Cecillia Torres piecewalk
Nolan Starks piecewalk
Parker Starks piecewalk
Mason Turner piecewalk
Sophia Torres piecewalk
Evelyn Torres piecewalk
Kyle Stevener Donor
Luke Simpson Donor
Paola Bennett Donor
Caleb Lewis Donor
Scott Mueller Donor
Brad Lewis Donor
Patricia Nguyen Donor
Mariana Orozco Donor
Anita Nguyen Donor
James Campbell Donor
Kevin Ferdowsian Donor
Kevin Ferdowsian Donor
Linda Perez Donor
Kristen Swanson Donor


Jan Shields $100.00
Arky Land Management $50.00
Luke Simpson $50.00
natalie mcgovern $100.00
Álvarez de Bennett Law $250.00
Caleb Lewis $50.00
Scott Mueller $50.00
Brad Lewis $150.00
Patricia Nguyen $20.00
Angie Cox $75.00
Mariana Orozco $50.00
Ashton Starks $50.00
Anita Nguyen $50.00
Monica Turner $50.00
Corey Belvin $30.00
James Campbell $50.00
Kevin Ferdowsian $100.00
Annastin Energy $700.00
Linda Perez $30.00
Rosa Torres $40.00
Kristen Swanson $20.00
Elizabeth Esquivel $40.00