Team Kiptyn Tulsa

Team Message

Kiptyn is the light of many people's life. When he loves, he loves hard, but he does take a bit to warm up. Kiptyn loves life and loves to have fun. Our goal is to make sure Kiptyn has every chance to be the best he can be! To make sure he has a happy, fun, fulfilled life! Join us May 4th, in Tulsa, for the Piece Walk for Autsim. All proceeds go to families in Oklahoma facing the difficulties Kiptyn faces daily. We invite all our family, friends, and teachers to join us on this walk to show our support and love for KIPTYN!

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 1000
Total Raised: 310

$310 of $1000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 25
Team Members: 28

28 of 25


kristyn Thiems piecewalk
Melissa Lile piecewalk
Nikki Wallace piecewalk
Emily Brewer piecewalk
Keith Johnston piecewalk
Dana Thiems piecewalk
Samantha Glenn piecewalk
Kelsie Kelley piecewalk
Amanda Reed piecewalk
Erin Meeks piecewalk
Debbie Mason piecewalk
Jerri Forrest piecewalk
Cody Thiems piecewalk
Kiptyn Thiems piecewalk
Kallay Thiems piecewalk
Kamryn Thiems piecewalk
Lizzie Lile piecewalk
Bella Lile piecewalk
Melanie McGlasson piecewalk
Rory Kendall piecewalk
Kelsey Kendall piecewalk
Eli Kelley piecewalk
Elgin Kelley piecewalk
Emma Reed piecewalk
Hazel Reed piecewalk
Jayce Crowder piecewalk
Betty Thiems piecewalk
Ron &Donna Kelley Donor


Emily Brewer $100
Ron &Donna Kelley $200
Amanda Reed $10