Team Elias (Inactive) Oklahoma City

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We are Team Elias ! Please  help us to meet our goal of  $ 500.00 to  raise awareness of Autism and raise money for a cure. My Grandson is smart, lovable and so full of life. He has taught me more about unconditional love than anyone has. If you can please spare a few dollars please donate to this wonderful cause. None of this money goes to me, it all goes to Autism Oklahoma. If you cannot donate, please consider walking with us. The day is filled with music, educational information and meeting others who share the same love for research for the families affected by Autism. This will be our 2nd year to participate. We had a blast last year! So please if you can, donate or at least be a part of our team. Team Elias # until all the Pieces fit # I am his voice he is my heart! 

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