Team DINO-Saurus OK (Inactive) Oklahoma City

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My inspiration in forming this team to walk in the Piece Walk this year is my grandson Dino, hence our name Team DINO-Saurus OK. He lives in California with his mom, my daughter, Jocelyn and his dad, Evan and his little sister Emmie. He is 4 years old and is non-verbal autistic. As I write this I tear up thinking about how he inspires me every day to be a better person and to never give up. He works so hard at communicating and learning and is an inspiration to all who meet him. Every step our team takes will be to help autistic children and adults in Oklahoma, just like we would hope those in California would do the same for our precious DINO-Saurus! 2019 update:  Dino is making great progress on his speech since he now has an in-home ABA Therapist!  💙

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