Team Brayden Oklahoma City

Team Message

  1. Please join us this year for another amazing day! Each year gets bigger and better. The walk is a mile long so not to far. There is so many things for the kids to do. This is Braydens absolute favorite day of the year. Thank you to all our loved ones and family that come together to make this such an amazing day each year.

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 500
Total Raised: 215

$215 of $500

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 35
Team Members: 38

38 of 35


Lacey Dietz piecewalk
Jamie Plunk piecewalk
Christina Adams piecewalk
Kaci Sennett piecewalk
Brayden Plunk piecewalk
Carol Nutty piecewalk
Billy Nutty Sr piecewalk
Billy Nutty Jr piecewalk
Caleb Nutty piecewalk
Joshua Boyce piecewalk
Jacob Boyce piecewalk
Kaitlyn Boyce piecewalk
Devin Boyce piecewalk
Gaylen Plunk piecewalk
Morgan Funk piecewalk
Mersades Funk piecewalk
Nichole Funk piecewalk
Kristy Whitaker piecewalk
Mike Whitaker piecewalk
Auston Whitaker piecewalk
Briar Whitaker piecewalk
Melvin Whitaker piecewalk
Kinzley Dietz piecewalk
Brogan Dietz piecewalk
Lacey Dietz piecewalk
Kyle Boyce piecewalk
Jennifer Marquez piecewalk
Fancy Plunk piecewalk
Amanda Stehr piecewalk
Faith Adams piecewalk
Richard Knight piecewalk
Maria Weihs piecewalk
Lance Weihs piecewalk
Kaitlyn Boyce 5k
Allison Lynch Donor
Cheri Ditata Donor
Kaci Sennett Donor
Lori Young Donor


Allison Lynch $10
Jamie Plunk $40
Cheri Ditata $50
Jamie Plunk $10
Jamie Plunk $25
Kaci Sennett $5
Lori Young $40

Team Brayden (Inactive) Oklahoma City

Team Message

Please help Team Brayden raise Autism Awareness. Lets make 2017 Piece Walk the best year ever!!!