Team Blaze Oklahoma City

Team Message

Join us in supporting Blaze by donating and/or walking with us!  We hope to spread Love, Awareness, Acceptance, and Empowerment by educating ourselves and others about Autism.   Love needs no Words!

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 300
Total Raised: 485

$485 of $300

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 25
Team Members: 24

24 of 25


Dawn Rutzer piecewalk
Sherry Tucker piecewalk
Jenna Grimes piecewalk
Harlee Sanchez piecewalk
Marshall Tucker piecewalk
Sonny Sanchez piecewalk
Andersyn Sanchez piecewalk
Bradley Grimes 5k
Jenna Grimes piecewalk
Vickie Wines Donor
Connie Roberts Donor
Lorraine Gardner Donor
Elizabeth Barber Donor
Elizabeth Barber Donor
Linda Grant Donor
Lydia Shilling Donor
Lisa S Donor
Sandy Meyer Donor
Angela Parker Donor
Darla Kuntz Donor
Anna Bowles-Ivey & Family Donor
Connie Roberts Donor
d'ann bowles Donor
Debo Staten Donor


Vickie Wines $20
Connie Roberts $10
Lorraine Gardner $20
Elizabeth Barber $20
Elizabeth Barber $20
Linda Grant $25
Lydia Shilling $50
Sherry Tucker $20
Lisa S $20
Sandy Meyer $40
Angela Parker $20
Darla Kuntz $50
Anna Bowles-Ivey & Family $50
Connie Roberts $20
d'ann bowles $50
Debo Staten $15