TB Kaden's Pack (Inactive) Tulsa

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  1. Kaden is 3. He has Autism. Therapy has changed not only his life but our entire families lives! The amount of difference we all see in him is amazing. Kaden went from severe texture issues and only being able to have breastmilk to being a child that will try anything!
  2. Kaden went from being completely non verbal to starting to talk in 2-3 word sentences.
  3. Kaden went from having no interest in playing with toys or kids around him to being completely engaged with his peers and playing appropriately with toys.
  4. Kaden used to have huge meltdowns. Not because he was being bad. Imagine being in front of someone but not being able to convey what it is that you want or need. How frustrating right? Therapy, THERAPY gave Kaden his voice. Join our team and help us continue to give all children their voice!

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