Superheroes Speak Autism

Team Message

I've been trying to find a way to raise awareness of autism and give back to the community ! This is a great way to give back! Brycen and Boston, my sons are both high functioning austistic and early intervention has saved our lives! We are hoping to raise money to give back to help others in need and promote autism awareness and acceptance !

Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 5000
Total Raised: 1240

$1240 of $5000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 30
Team Members: 36

36 of 30


Amanda Baker 5k
Antje Stambaugh 5k
Chris Jennings piecewalk
Mallary Gatewood 5k
Candice Blevins piecewalk
Carolyn Webster piecewalk
Ciara Valdez-Webster 5k
Nikki Shaw 5k
Danyel Holloway piecewalk
Brandon Billy piecewalk
Tomi Osborne piecewalk
Travis Osborne piecewalk
Sharon Vandiver piecewalk
Kayla Duffle piecewalk
Carley Fletcher piecewalk
Bryan Garrison piecewalk
Justin Stambaugh 5k
Gloria Jennings piecewalk
Brittany Abshire piecewalk
Whittney Pratz piecewalk
Callie Cook piecewalk
Laura Foy piecewalk
Jeff Bekkelund 5k
Brycen Burns piecewalk
Boston Burns piecewalk
Kaleb Blevins piecewalk
Jaxon Blevins piecewalk
Riyah Marin piecewalk
Sage Billy 5k
Sheryl Burlison 5k
Raven Burlison 5k
Kelli Halsted Donor
Monika Anderson Donor
Bryan Garrison Donor
Antje Stambaugh Donor
Meghan Mansfield Donor


Kelli Halsted $20.00
Yukon HUD Charities $500.00
Nikki Shaw $20.00
Bryan Garrison $100.00
Antje Stambaugh $80.00
Carley Fletcher $50.00
Meghan Mansfield $30.00
Whittney Pratz $20.00