Superheroes Speak Autism Oklahoma City

Team Message

This is my second year and we are super excited! The boys are excited and we can’t wait! What we want to do: I've been trying to find a way to raise awareness of autism and give back to the community ! This is a great way to give back! Brycen and Boston, my sons are both high functioning austistic and early intervention has saved our lives! We are hoping to raise money to give back to help others in need and promote autism awareness and acceptance !

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 5000
Total Raised: 6824.75

$6824.75 of $5000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 50
Team Members: 95

95 of 50


Amanda Baker 5k
Antje Stambaugh piecewalk
Mallary Gatewood piecewalk
Carolyn Webster 5k
Ciara Valdez-Webster 5k
Nikki Shaw 5k
Travis Osborne piecewalk
Kayla Duffle piecewalk
Carley Fletcher piecewalk
Justin Stambaugh 5k
Amber Kleck piecewalk
Andrea Tanner 5k
Missy Marshall piecewalk
Caree Belair piecewalk
Tasha Mendes piecewalk
Haley Ritter piecewalk
Courtney Lane piecewalk
Chelsey Rolf piecewalk
Jennifer Orr piecewalk
Diane Barnett 5k
Shonda Jay 5k
Janice Hart piecewalk
Elaine Dodge piecewalk
Shannon Quiles 5k
Valerie Brawner piecewalk
Stephanie Mason 5k
Nicci Francis 5k
Carol Nation piecewalk
Stephanie Sheltman 5k
Lindsey Leach 5k
Rachel Culver piecewalk
Lisa Fouts 5k
Brad McMullen piecewalk
Skip Bold piecewalk
Danyel Holloway piecewalk
Jeff Bekkelund 5k
Brycen Burns piecewalk
Boston Burns piecewalk
Riyah Marin piecewalk
Paula Palmer piecewalk
Kris Kleck piecewalk
Gavin Kleck piecewalk
Kylie Kleck piecewalk
Tim Belair piecewalk
Parker Belair piecewalk
Toby Duffle piecewalk
Ashten Self piecewalk
Michael Self piecewalk
Tyler Duffle piecewalk
Cathy Hopkins piecewalk
Roland Ritter piecewalk
Wyatt Lane piecewalk
Markus Luetkemeyer piecewalk
Miles Gatewood piecewalk
Ryder Stone piecewalk
Michael Orr piecewalk
Jennifer Vanosdol piecewalk
Jace Vanosdol piecewalk
Cayden Vanosdol piecewalk
Mason Vanosdol piecewalk
Danica Smith piecewalk
Chuck Dorsey piecewalk
June Smith piecewalk
Jason Stambaugh piecewalk
Charles Barnett 5k
Ainslee Hughes piecewalk
Manny Quiles 5k
Russ Nation piecewalk
John Nation piecewalk
Marianna Gray 5k
Tomi Osborne piecewalk
Sharon Vandiver piecewalk
Rachel Culver piecewalk
Aubrey Elms 5k
Joshua Tanner 5k
Antje Stambaugh 5k
Braylon Stambaugh 5k
Top Shelf Bartending Donor
LuLaRoe Krysten Cottle Donor
Yukon HUD Charity Donor
Clayton Veach Donor
Adrienne Jantz Donor
Baker Photo & Video Donor
Amy Grissom Donor
Jay Peterson Donor
Chic Boutique Oklahoma Donor
Jennifer Orr Donor
Preferred Millworks Donor
L4 Homes Donor
Mugwamps Fitness Donor
Sayde Brooks Donor
CSAA Insurance Group Donor
Lisa Griffis Donor
Texas Roadhouse Donor
Henry Hudsons Autism Benefit Donor


Missy Marshall $20
Top Shelf Bartending $150
LuLaRoe Krysten Cottle $150
Yukon HUD Charity $500
Mallary Gatewood $100
Clayton Veach $200
Adrienne Jantz $20
Baker Photo & Video $200
Amber Kleck Realtor - Keller Williams Realty Elite $150
Amy Grissom $35
Jay Peterson $50
Chic Boutique Oklahoma $50
Jennifer Orr $25
Preferred Millworks $100
L4 Homes $100
Mugwamps Fitness $100
Sayde Brooks $20
CSAA Insurance Group $1,460
Lisa Griffis $25
Texas Roadhouse $250
Henry Hudsons Autism Benefit $2,300
Skip Bold $50