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Partnering with families to increase communication and decrease frustration!

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Speech Pathway has been participating in the PieceWalk in Oklahoma City since 2014 when our directors, Emily and Kent Hathaway, received their son, Liam's, Autism diagnosis. The first year, our team was small, but mighty...only a dozen or so in our crew. We realized the need to connect to a community and offer support to the patients and families we serve. We're a team of energetic and passionate individuals who have a desire to help decrease frustration by increasing communication. We offer more than just speech therapy; our team gives their heart and soul to all of our patients, advocates for them on a regular basis and offers any and all guidance on treatment plans and interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. We value the partnership we're able to have with parents and families as we provide the best possible care for their children. Autism awareness and advocacy, along with many other diagnoses, are near to our hearts and we're so excited for this year's PieceWalk - A Dash Through Oz! Our team has grown to over 30 staff members and dozens of Speech Pathway families as we unite together to raise awareness and support each other at the PieceWalk. We love seeing our kids at our monthly events, in person, online, anywhere.

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Team Fundraising Goal: $2000
Total Raised: $790

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 25
Team Members: 25


Emily Hathaway piecewalk
Amy Hightower piecewalk
Ashley Van Brunt piecewalk
Stephanie Warman piecewalk
Michele Richardson piecewalk
Kelsey Burdrick piecewalk
Veronica Hassink 5k
Ambia Cail piecewalk
Ashton Clemenceau piecewalk
Ali McMurran piecewalk
Kylie Hilliard piecewalk
Rachel Roquemore 5k
Chesley McPherson piecewalk
Martha Blaess piecewalk
Abby White piecewalk
Gemma Jekel piecewalk
Michael Humphries piecewalk
Devynna Blackwelder piecewalk
Maddie Humphreys piecewalk
Whitney Reynolds piecewalk
Alyssa Kramer piecewalk
Dana Hammond 5k
Kalen Lomas 5k
Travis Warman piecewalk
Abel Lomas 5k


Emily Hathaway $500
Stephanie Warman $100
Abby White $40
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