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Making communication simple! At Speech Pathway our mission is to decrease frustration in families and children by unlocking the power of communication! We provide innovative, simple, and creative solutions to meet each child and their family’s needs. Our therapists specialize in a wide variety of speech and language disorders from birth to adolescence. We are honored to participate in the Piecewalk to raise awareness for autism and advocate for children and their families.

Badges Earned

Elite Badge
Members 50
Raised 1000

Money Raised

$ 1,690

Team Fundraising Goal: 2500
Total Raised: $1690

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 30
Team Members: 57


Emily Hathaway piecewalk
Brittney Patten piecewalk
Ryan Patten piecewalk
Stephanie Warman donor
Travis Warman piecewalk
Martha Blaess piecewalk
Alison McMurran piecewalk
Kylie Hilliard piecewalk
Ryan Hilliard piecewalk
Kassidy Hilliard piecewalk
Julie Bishop piecewalk
Michael Humphries piecewalk
Amy Clemenceau piecewalk
Callie Whitmore piecewalk
Ben Whitmore piecewalk
Julie Bishop piecewalk
Chesley McPherson piecewalk
Cara Mayberry piecewalk
Jackson Mayberry piecewalk
Maddie Humphreys piecewalk
Bray Humphreys piecewalk
Abby White piecewalk
Ashton Clemenceau piecewalk
Mathew Mingle piecewalk
Galen Walls piecewalk
Claire Walls piecewalk
Terrah Walls piecewalk
Carter Walls piecewalk
Cooper Walls piecewalk
Connor Walls piecewalk
Joseph Coover piecewalk
Amy Hightower piecewalk
Nolan Hightower piecewalk
Brett Hightower piecewalk
Megan Lundquist piecewalk
Kelsey Burdrick piecewalk
Ashley Van Brunt piecewalk
Justin Van Brunt piecewalk
Rebecca Heaney piecewalk
Beverleigh Spetter piecewalk
Alice Sango piecewalk
Devynna Blackwelder piecewalk
Devynna Blackwelder piecewalk
Ava Blackwelder piecewalk
Sophie Blackwelder piecewalk
Justin Blackwelder piecewalk
Kathryn Blaney piecewalk
Karson Taylor piecewalk
Kennedy Reynolds piecewalk
Whitney Reynolds piecewalk
Kadee Benito piecewalk
Heather Reynolds piecewalk
Michele Richardson piecewalk
Abigail Chitwood piecewalk
Rosemary Whitmore piecewalk
Kindra Morris piecewalk
Michael Chappell piecewalk


Emily Hathaway $1500
Stephanie Warman $100
Emily Hathaway $90
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