Speaking for Spencer

Team Message

Please join us as team Speaking for Spencer as we celebrate our 10th year!!!

Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 5000
Total Raised: 5030

$5030 of $5000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 25
Team Members: 53

53 of 25


Crystal Frost piecewalk
Elise Kilpatrick 5k
Gary Kuck 5k
Scott Madory piecewalk
Julie Gochenour piecewalk
Spencer Frost piecewalk
Eric Frost piecewalk
Kimberly Frost piecewalk
Noah Campodonica piecewalk
David Barocio piecewalk
Madison Madory piecewalk
Jentrie Madory piecewalk
Denny Madory piecewalk
Angela Madory piecewalk
Lonnie Madory piecewalk
Katy Coleman piecewalk
Ethan Lunow piecewalk
Shylah Fixico piecewalk
Mason Frost piecewalk
Madison Frost piecewalk
Ligin Chandy piecewalk
Barbara Frost piecewalk
John Frost piecewalk
David Frost piecewalk
Donna Frost piecewalk
Emily Frost piecewalk
Chandler Frost piecewalk
Spencer Frost piecewalk
Mason Frost piecewalk
Nate Brown piecewalk
Jackson Brown piecewalk
Natalie Brown piecewalk
Debbie King piecewalk
Debbie King piecewalk
Debbie King piecewalk
Joe Madory piecewalk
Kathy Madory piecewalk
Scott Madory piecewalk
Debbie King piecewalk
Kelsey King piecewalk
Sara Marshall piecewalk
Daniel Jackson piecewalk
Billy Jackson piecewalk
Mary Yandell piecewalk
Allison Elwood piecewalk
Jordan Fieszel piecewalk
Eric Sala piecewalk
Jason Cummings piecewalk
Freedom Riders Donor
FaceBook Birthday Fundraiser Donor
Carol and Kerry Alexander Donor
Nate Brown Donor
Crystal Frost Donor


Freedom Riders $4,400.00
FaceBook Birthday Fundraiser $405.00
Carol and Kerry Alexander $50.00
Nate Brown $100.00
Crystal Frost $5.00