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Oklahoma City

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We are three cheer squads from Moore Public Schools ( Highland West Junior High, Southridge Junior High and Southmoore High School). We decided to create a team and join our community in participating in something that is near and dear to many and a great cause!

Badges Earned

Members 50
Raised 200

Money Raised

$ 320

Team Fundraising Goal: 100
Total Raised: $320

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 60


Amber Pettit piecewalk
Gabriyell Pettit piecewalk
Kalee Eddins piecewalk
Riley Acosta piecewalk
Brittany Foust piecewalk
Ame Skinner piecewalk
Hayden Scott piecewalk
Sabra Scott piecewalk
Johanna Cruz piecewalk
Ava Sanders piecewalk
Bella Matthews piecewalk
Angie Smith piecewalk
Misty Scott piecewalk
D'Lisa Burris piecewalk
Audrey Eason piecewalk
Rena Clem piecewalk
Riley Grose piecewalk
Kyliegh Williams piecewalk
Bethany Harper piecewalk
Kinsley McKinley piecewalk
Journey Morgan piecewalk
Jenna Gary piecewalk
Sami Snider piecewalk
Paizley Morgan piecewalk
Amia Gissandaner piecewalk
Sidney Burke piecewalk
Isaiah Kendrick piecewalk
Berkley Burroughs piecewalk
Kensley Reid piecewalk
Abigal Richardson piecewalk
Alexandra Cagle piecewalk
Gracen Nowlin piecewalk
Nevaeh Knight piecewalk
Alisson Castillo piecewalk
Allie Sneed piecewalk
Niki Sneed piecewalk
Ava Williams piecewalk
Shayla Scudder piecewalk
Arely Silva piecewalk
Whitney Choat piecewalk
Aubrey Rackley piecewalk
Brinlea Mashburn piecewalk
Emma Nguyen piecewalk
Londom Lehman piecewalk
Brooklyn Hise piecewalk
Belle Vidal piecewalk
Halle Hurt piecewalk
madison morris piecewalk
Nevaeh Knight piecewalk
Kacey White piecewalk
Ciera Knight piecewalk
Tabitha guinn piecewalk
Alivia Farley piecewalk
Jaida Brown piecewalk
Camden Gallagher piecewalk
Halea Owens piecewalk
Kendall Williams piecewalk
Jillian Tymchuk piecewalk
Camden Gallagher piecewalk
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SW Cheer $320
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