SoleMates Oklahoma City

Team Message

We are educators, family and friends walking for all the students and loved ones with Autism that have a special piece of our hearts and "soles".

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 1000
Total Raised: 2700

$2700 of $1000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 50
Team Members: 67

67 of 50


Elizabeth Miller piecewalk
Linda Sipes piecewalk
Tonika Brown piecewalk
Larry Carter piecewalk
Linda Sipes piecewalk
Shawna Lincoln piecewalk
Alisha Bowman piecewalk
Jaylea Brown piecewalk
Payton Lacey piecewalk
Heather Spray piecewalk
Anna Jett piecewalk
Tonya Dial piecewalk
Terri Ford piecewalk
Rose Chesser piecewalk
Dakota Houck piecewalk
Mikayla Brown piecewalk
Jennifer Borboa piecewalk
Mike Borboa piecewalk
Jamie Rafi piecewalk
Austin Sipes piecewalk
Brittney Wise piecewalk
Jessica Richardson piecewalk
Tyler Richardson piecewalk
Casi Story piecewalk
Myra Vandeveer piecewalk
Marissa Merriman piecewalk
Teleah Buck piecewalk
Tammy White piecewalk
D'Lynn Newbold piecewalk
Sarah Olden piecewalk
Kim Carter piecewalk
Mylea Gasper piecewalk
Debbie Mathis piecewalk
Christy Sloat piecewalk
Brodric Ford piecewalk
Brooklin Ford piecewalk
Preston Pearce piecewalk
Jena Lueking piecewalk
Kelsey Odum piecewalk
Sandy Odum piecewalk
Mark Odum piecewalk
Ryan Nicolls piecewalk
Tonika Brown piecewalk
Frannie Deason piecewalk
Ashley Dotson piecewalk
Nate Buck piecewalk
Crystal Bruner piecewalk
Colby Grizzle piecewalk
Casey Carpenter piecewalk
Kasey Dodd piecewalk
Brenda Dugger piecewalk
Darla Newbold piecewalk
Laura Jones piecewalk
Kelly Casey piecewalk
Anna Jett piecewalk
Zoe Foster piecewalk
Zachery McCullar piecewalk
Matthew Spray piecewalk
Konowa Franks piecewalk
Trinity Sipes piecewalk
Colby Grizzle piecewalk
Chloe Wilson piecewalk
Preston Pearce piecewalk
Elli Sims piecewalk
Ashtyn Jett piecewalk
Boe Jett piecewalk
Flex -N-Gate Donor


Circle of Friends Parent Group $1,000
Local Union 985L $1,500
Flex -N-Gate $200