Saraben There, Done That Oklahoma City

Team Message

It's about that time again!! Join Saraben, Joseph, Scott and myself as we form Team Saraben There, Done That! You can walk, run, volunteer or just hang out with us and a few thousand of our friends at the LARGEST Autism event in the state of Oklahoma!! The very best part? Everything you donate stays right here in our community, helping your fellow Oklahomans and their families. Sign up today to join our team (it's free!)! Even if you can't be there the day of, you can still sign up to be a part of the team and show your support!

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 2500
Total Raised: 786

$786 of $2500

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 25
Team Members: 24

24 of 25


Denise Flynn piecewalk
Amber Theinert piecewalk
Ginny Theinert 5k
Emily Schnabl piecewalk
Darrik Acre 5k
Lisa Schatz piecewalk
Rebekka Lucas piecewalk
Gina Campbell piecewalk
Lyric Flynn piecewalk
Scott Theinert piecewalk
Joseph Theinert piecewalk
Saraben Theinert piecewalk
Amari Khalid piecewalk
Anne Ogger piecewalk
Shelley Kehl piecewalk
Barbara Clinkscales piecewalk
Emily Schnabl 5k
Amber Theinert 5k
Joseph Theinert 5k
Zach Gray 5k
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Douglas Doe Donor
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FaceBook Fundraiser $235
FaceBook Fundraiser /Sharon Flynn $246
Douglas Doe $100
Anne Ogger $25
Darrik Acre $25
Gina Campbell $50