Ryan's Renegades (Inactive) Oklahoma City

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We are Ryan's Renegades and the UCO Spectrum Steppers!! This little boy is my HERO! With determination, strength, and perseverance he has overcame every obstacle that has been placed on his path. Ryan loves baseball, and he brings such joy to his family and a host of others he encounters. Our team, Ryan's Renegades and the UCO Spectrum Steppers, was created to bring awareness to autism as well as recognition to those heroes who are instrumental in managing this complex condition. There are so many people who help these wonderful children along the way. These heroes include: healthcare providers; SLPs, teachers and special educators; a strong network of family, friends, and community support! Just as important as funding is, autism awareness is just as essential. Too many children go un-diagnosed or have a delayed diagnosis, preventing them from getting the early help they so desperately need. Please consider donating whatever you are able to give. Every dollar does help! Please join us on the day of the walk, and share away!

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