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If you know our family, you know how much AutismOklahoma means to us personally and professionally. We'd be thrilled to have you be part of the magic by joining our team and making a donation of any amount. Every dollar raised helps AutismOklahoma provide 86 free, or nearly free, programs to 4,500 Oklahoma children, adults and families impacted by autism each year. Interest + Opportunity = MAGIC

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Alex is a 22-year-old college student, future filmmaker, and Spiderman's biggest fan. He is an Invisible Layers student and a production volunteer for Duncan Little Theatre.

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Team Fundraising Goal: $500
Total Raised: $665

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Membership Goal: 25
Team Members: 27


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Tyler Jo Smith $250
Kim Campbell $25
Vicki Tuell $75
Paula Rowland $85
Chris O'Kelley $70
Ginger Barrett $20
Vicki Tuell $50
Claire Dodson $65
Chris O'Kelley $25