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Oklahoma City

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Rowdy is a fun love boy, he love to sing church music and country songs. When Rowdy finds a friend he is your friend for life!!

Badges Earned

Members 25
Raised 1000

Money Raised

$ 1,235

Team Fundraising Goal: $100
Total Raised: $1,235

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 31


Mendy Thomas piecewalk
Mendy Thomas donor
John Thomas donor
Daniel and Belinda Wiley donor
Katie Wilson donor
LaRhonda Pennon-Preston donor
Whitney Presley donor
Marilyn Thomas donor
Sharon Harper donor
Tony Ryan donor
Deborah Burrows donor
Mary Thomas donor
Linda Talton donor
Keesha Mason donor
Lorene Ryan donor
Nikii Hubbs donor
Delana Dixon donor
Rachelle Jones donor
Sonja Ryan donor
Alecia Teacher donor
Marcus Jonss donor
Anonymous donor
Tanya Ryan donor
Clifford Ryan donor
Patrick Cobbs donor
Roxanne Loyd donor
Anonymous donor
Tony Rhone donor
Mitchell Ruan donor
Christy Hilliard donor
Makhi Gray piecewalk


John Thomas $100
Mary Thomas $100
Nikii Hubbs $100
Mitchell Ruan $100
Mendy Thomas $50
Daniel and Belinda Wiley $50
Katie Wilson $50
Whitney Presley $50
Marilyn Thomas $50
Marcus Jonss $50
Roxanne Loyd $50
Tony Rhone $50
Christy Hilliard $50
Alecia Teacher $40
Tanya Ryan $30
LaRhonda Pennon-Preston $25
Sharon Harper $25
Tony Ryan $25
Deborah Burrows $25
Linda Talton $25
Keesha Mason $25
Lorene Ryan $25
Patrick Cobbs $25
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $20
Clifford Ryan $20
Christy Hilliard $20
Delana Dixon $10
Rachelle Jones $10
Sonja Ryan $10
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