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Oklahoma City

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We created this team in support of cousins, Roman & Christopher.  Roman is 3 years old and was diagnosed with ASD at a Level 2. Christopher is 6 years old and diagnosed with ASD at Level 3.  Both boys are non-verbal but have recently started saying simple words, such as "mom" and "eat".  This is their first year participating in the Piecewalk.

Badges Earned

Members 10
Raised 500

Money Raised

$ 620

Team Fundraising Goal: $1,500
Total Raised: $620

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 20


Kiko Tah piecewalk
Kristen Luciano donor
Donald Mattice donor
Laura Tah donor
Christopher Tah piecewalk
Josue Luciano piecewalk
Byron Paramo piecewalk
Elizabeth Gooden donor
Jaylyn Paramo piecewalk
Britney Paramo piecewalk
Kami Tipp donor
Julian Mallet piecewalk
Wesley Tah piecewalk
Ava Tah piecewalk
Roman Luciano piecewalk
Debra Jones donor
Morgan Ramirez donor
Nancy Servati donor
Laura Le Sieur donor
Wally & Cindy Kennedy donor


Kristen Luciano $100
Laura Tah $100
Debra Jones $100
Nancy Servati $100
Wally & Cindy Kennedy $60
Kami Tipp $50
Laura Le Sieur $50
Donald Mattice $30
Elizabeth Gooden $15
Morgan Ramirez $15
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