River’s Raiders Oklahoma City

Team Message

This is a new journey for all of us, but I am excited to support this amazing foundation and this awesome little boy we all know as River! Please join us if you can! We would love to have all of your support!

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 1000
Total Raised: 800

$800 of $1000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 44

44 of 10


Shes Cross piecewalk
Starla Givens piecewalk
Ashley Dill piecewalk
Chelsi Cooper piecewalk
Averi Ellis piecewalk
Shawna Parker piecewalk
Kourtney Sharp piecewalk
Sara Kennedy piecewalk
Gracie Dill piecewalk
Jackson Embry piecewalk
Wendy Chick piecewalk
Diane Holland piecewalk
Kale Ellis piecewalk
Sammie Logan piecewalk
Nathan Cross piecewalk
Ruger Cross piecewalk
River Cross piecewalk
Morgan Cross piecewalk
Connie Ellis piecewalk
Raegan Dill piecewalk
Jaxon Dill piecewalk
Bradley Dill piecewalk
Presli Cooper piecewalk
Landri Cooper piecewalk
Harli Parker piecewalk
Haiden Parker piecewalk
Sara Kennedy piecewalk
Rhett Kennedy piecewalk
Rhett Kennedy piecewalk
Sara Kennedy piecewalk
Rhett Kennedy piecewalk
Rhett Kennedy piecewalk
Bailey Kennedy piecewalk
Dalton Mullins piecewalk
Ronnie Chick piecewalk
Cooper Chick piecewalk
Woody Chick piecewalk
Ashlee McGeisey piecewalk
Katie Blue Donor
Alicia Blackburn Donor
Amy Harryman Donor
Amanda Nelson Donor
Chelsi Cooper Donor
Ray L. Sharp Trucking Donor


Katie Blue $50
Alicia Blackburn $100
Amy Harryman $200
Amanda Nelson $50
Chelsi Cooper $50
Holland Pediatric Therapy $100
Ray L. Sharp Trucking $100
Sammie Logan $50
Shes Cross $100